Colorado's Royale Miss

One of JonBenet’s favorite parts of participating in pageants was the crowning ceremony. She wasn’t concerned about the ranking of the potential title; it was the anticipation of having her name called that made it exciting. If she was announced as a winner, a beaming JonBenet would run up to the stage and collect what she referred to as her “hardware”. When she did not win her parents made sure JonBenet was right in line to congratulate the winner so that she could learn how to lose gracefully.

“She was untouched by it,” LaDonna Griego, director of the Colorado program for the All Star Kids organization, said, “When JonBenet won, she was just as giddy as the first time, and she was just as happy, it seemed, to be an alternate.

Check out the missing tooth!
During the Fourth of July weekend of 1996 JonBenet competed in the Royal Miss pageant. At the end of the three day pageant JonBenet was crowned “America’s Royale Tiny Miss”, and took home several other titles and prizes.
In between competition days, pageant organizers hosted several fun events so the girls could get to know each other. During one of these events participants were encouraged to dress as their favorite celebrity. JonBenet went as Marilyn Monroe.

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