Pam Archuleta, the wife of the Ramsey’s pilot, remembers JonBenet as a bright, engergetic child. One summer night, when they were all gathered at the Ramsey’s Mighican home, Pam noticed the fireflies. When she was young, she believed they were magical, like fairies.
“Do you believe in fairies?” she asked JonBenet.
“Oh, Pam, I do!” JonBenet exclaimed. “I think I see one over there!” The little girl pointed and ran off. She appeared from the the other side of the house, giggling and skipping and pretending to fly.
“Oh, JonBenet! You are the fairy I saw!”
“No, Pam. I’m just following her around the yard,” JonBenet replied rather sternly. “Can’t you see her?”
“Yes! I do believe I see her!”
JonBenet got close to Pam’s face and asked her where she saw it. Pam pointed to a firefly that was hovering near by. JonBenet turned to face her again.
“Pam,” she said, seriously, “that is a firefly.”

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