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Before it became national news JonBenet’s death hit much closer to home. Pam Griffin was a good friend of the Ramsey family. She designed and created custom pageant outfits while her daughter, Kristine, was JonBenet’s pageant coach. It was during the 10 PM evening news that Pam first heard of JonBenet’s death. JonBenet’s photo appeared on screen as the newscasters broke the story of a little girl’s body found in the basement of her family’s home. Pam was in shock. Her first thought went to her friend, Patsy. Pam found her daughter, and together they drove to the Ramsey’s house.

They arrived as the police were busily going through the house. Despite the cold winter air, Pam and Kristine waited behind the police tape, hoping to see Patsy. The doors opened and three detectives emerged, carrying a tiny, black body bag. They watched as the little girl they had come to love was wheeled down the sidewalk lined with red and white candy canes for the Christmas season.

photo - movingbody

After the police got to the house, John called the pilot to tell him they would not be going to Charlevoix. The flight was cancelled. Mike was also asked to contact John's older children, Melinda and John Andrew. They were on their way to meet John, Patsy and the two little ones in Minneapolis; they would them travel to Charlevoix together in John's plane. Mike Archuletta spoke to the older kids when they reached Minneapolis and told them JonBenet had been kidnapped. They made other plans and flew to Denver.

After the body was found, the police told J&P that they had to leave the house - it was going to be preserved as a (terribly compromised) crime scene. John's instinct was to travel to Atlanta where JBR would be buried, where both he and Patsy had family. He was calling Mike Archuletta to arrange that when BPD Detective Larry Mason told him they needed to stay in Boulder.
Cliff Gaston was a guest at the Whites' house. Detective Harmer interviewed him on 2.27.97. He described Fleet bringing Burke to the house along with the Fernie children. Around 1, Priscilla called home and said they should bring Burke back to his own house. Heather and Allison did that but when they go to the house, an ambulance was arriving - JonBenet's body had just been found. Fleet went to the car and told them to return Burke to his house to be with the kids. This is a detail no one ever mentions.

Later in the day, Detectives Idleer and Patterson went to the White house and they delivered Burke to the Fernie house where Burke was told his sister had died.
Heather COX was interviewed on 4/3/1997. She said after Fleet brought Burke to his house, he was set up with his new Nintendo in Fleet and Priscilla's bedroom ..."and he was playing with that most of the day." "The other thing that really sticks out in my mind that day - it was just because our stupidity was he was being so quiet upstairs and you know at this point we were all really scared of - - we had no idea what was going on and who or why and so we were really worried about Burke as well and we couldn't find him for I don't know probably 2 minutes but... and he wasn't answering us cause the door was closed upstairs and we thought he was downstairs with the rest of the kids and so we were really scared for about a minute be - until we ran upstairs and saw him and he's like did - - we said didn't you hear us and he said no, un-huh. I just been sitting up here playing since the last time we saw him he was down in the family room so you know the four idiot adults are like panicking."

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, Priscilla called the house and said "She's here." Priscilla asked for Burke to be returned to the house. Burke was still playing with the Nintendo in F&P's bedroom and "when we first went up there and said you know what, Burke ah you know, let's go back to your house he was kind of like OK and disconnected his play station and we got in the car (Allison, Heather and Bill) and he stayed in the car when Fleet came out and..." snip "Fleet came outside and met us and said ,"You know what? Priscilla shouldn't ah you know let's... can we take Burke back to our house?" "We said, I'm sorry we, you know, we think your parents think it would be better if we just hung out with - at the Whites' for a little bit longer and he said OK and he never really asked any questions." "He knew that she was missing, ah, but didn't ask "Have they found her? Do they know anything? But you know right when .... Fleet brought him there the first time that morning he did ...ah... he knew that she was missing and I'm trying to remember what he said. I think that maybe Fleet had maybe asked him when we were there, you know, do you have any idea where she -- did you hear anything or I - I think he was asking something like that so he, he definitely knew that she was missing. "
3/24/1997 Det. Harmer interviewed Bill Cox - "The next thing I know, it was about 1- 12:30-1:00. And during that day John called a few times. John Ramsey, to talk to Burke , ah, and then around 12:30 my wife picked up a call from Priscilla that basically was saying that JonBenet was there and she was dead and they asked us to bring Burke down to the house so we loaded up Burke and it was Allison, my wife and myself and we drove Burke to their house and as we got there, Fleet kind ... came walking out of the house - I should say in a quick fox trot, and informed us to take Burke back because they didn't want Burke there at the time and so we put him back in the car and started driving away and you know he was, his head was down basically, and the ambulance came around the corner shortly after that period and, ah, let's see, we ended up taking Burke back down to the house or, no, actually, I take that back - we didn't take him again. What happened was the detectives showed up and I can't remember his name, there were two of them though.
( Greg Idler and Fred Patterson) They interviewed each of us and then they ended up interviewing Burke and Allison actually sat in the room with them. And then they ended up taking all the children back to the Fernies' and then - Heather and I spent the night and took the first flight out the next day."

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