sister socks
The story of Sister Socks began in Charlevoix, Michigan. One summer day a stray cat had wandered up to the Ramsey’s vacation home. She was a grey and white cat. All four of her paws were white, and to the Ramsey children it looked like the cat was wearing socks. They decided to name her Sister Socks. Each day they would leave out a saucer of milk and wait patiently for the cat’s arrival. Sister Socks quickly became a member of their family.
Months later in Boulder, Colorado, JonBenet and Patsy were shopping at the Pearl Street Mall when they looked into the window of the Printed Page Bookstore. Sitting there on the shelf was a stuffed cat.
“Mommy, that kitty looks like Sister Socks!” JonBenet cried out.
“Maybe a little,” Patsy replied. “But Sister Socks was gray, not brown like this cat. Wasn’t she? That one is the wrong color.”
“I know, but she had stripes like that cat. Please, Mommy!” JonBenét begged. “I want a Sister Socks cat. I bet they have the right color one somewhere in there.”
Patsy assured JonBenet that she would look. She could tell that the stuff animal was important to her daughter. The stuffed cat would make it to the top of her Christmas list that year.
Later, Patsy called the bookstore and asked if they could find a gray cat. Eventually they did, so her father arranged to pick up the stuffed animal, just in time for the Ramsey’s annual Christmas party. The highlight of the evening was when Santa Claus pulled a gray-and-white Sister Socks out of his sack.
December 31st, 1996: JonBenet Ramsey’s funeral. Before her coffin was closed, JonBenet’s family and close friends said their last goodbye. Some brought small tokens for JonBenet to keep. A gold bracelet was fastened around the girl’s tiny wrist by her grandmother. It was a special gift; one that her grandmother bought and saved to give to JonBenet on a birthday that would never be.
Patsy’s sisters, Polly and Pam, were next. Aunt Polly placed a golden cross in JonBenet’s hands. The cross originally was a gift to Patsy by their pastor during her cancer treatment two years earlier, and it had brought deep comfort to their family. Aunt Pam carefully set a tiara on JonBenet’s head. It was her “Little Miss Christmas” crown, the one JonBenet had won in a pageant earlier in December.
John lovingly tucked a beautiful, silk scarf around JonBenet, and then kissed his youngest daughter goodbye. The final gift was Sister Socks, a plush, striped grey cat with white paws. It had been JonBenet’s favorite stuffed animal. With tears in her eyes, Patsy placed Sister Socks in the crook of JonBenet’s right arm. Before the coffin was closed, a family friend asked Patsy if she was sure about letting Sister Socks go. “You’ll need her more than JonBenet.”
“No,” Patsy replied in a whisper. “Sister Socks belongs with her.”

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