just a recap of her interviews
OK, so here I am going to go look for a bit of background - bear with me
[b]Nancy was born on April 25, 1962 - [/b]
[b]Nyla White, Fleet's mother, stayed in touch with Nancy's grandmother over the years and sent her photos of Fleet's family. (referred to in NK interviews.)  [/b]
[b]Fleet and his family lived in Long Beach and NKs family was about an hour away in Buena Park.  So they didn't see each other every day or anything like that.  Nancy says only at holidays or special occasions like birthdays - - so we are talking maybe 10 times a year, probably less.[/b]

[b]She says Fleet SR. was molesting her from an early age - at about 3 or 4   and  that sometimes these molestations took place at her grandparents' house, but also at other places.[/b]
[b]On Fleet Jr. who would have been about 15 yr old - "I think that he was made to do things to me."[/b]

[b]2/6/1966 - Nancy would have just turned 4 - she remembers her grandfather was PROTECTING her, in  a screaming fight with Fleet SR - and he had a massive heart attack and died. [/b]
[b]She says she doesn't know what the argument was about but she says that Fleet Sr said  "he was tryin' to tough me or something" [/b]

[b]She never told her grandmother, Alyce, what was happening but her own parents not only knew about the assaults, they were involved.  Her mother, Gwen Boykin, took her to the Whites to be assaulted.[/b]

[b]Fleet SR and JR both raped her vaginally, anally and orally.   The last time Fleet SR raped her was on August 9th, 1990.  That last time, she was at her grandparents, Nyla was there, and she said her grandmother, Alyce Sprague, Albert Sprague (Alyce's husband) and Nyla White all saw Fleet SR take her to a bedroom where he raped her 3 ways.  [/b]
[b]She never told anyone about that episode.[/b]

[b]Last time Fleet JR supposedly raped her was some time between 1976 and 1978.[/b]
[b]Asked why she thinks it stopped:[/b]
A. Okay um ...any reason why Fleet White Jr. stopped the assaults back in '78 I guess (inaudible)
D. We1l..."um I think because it……it had gotten to a point where I was being abused so much that um people were noticing things where I was going to school
A. Uh-huh
D. And they reported that there was some child abuse going on
A. Okay

D. And at that point in time I went to uh sex investigation and then later uh they went to a preliminary hearing and then the person um pleaded no contest to statutory rape and sodomy 

[b]That person was Mackie Boykin, her step-father's brother and he made a plea bargain in June of 1980. He did 10 months in jail.    There was no mention of the White's at that time.  Just Boykin who lived very close to her family at the time.  She admits she didn't tell social services about the Whites at that time - and please remember, at that time she was about 18 years old.  And in part 2 of her interview she says [/b]: [b]D. Yeah I think the very first person to sexually assault me was Mackie Boykin.[/b]

[b]She also says he continued to sexually assault her after he got out of jail.[/b]
[b]She also says her Dad's parents, Harold and Lois Krebs, were involved in the sexual assaults.[/b]
[b]That's a lot of accusations - - but the only one I see brought to LE before the Ramsey murder is Mackie Boykin.[/b]

[b]Fleet and Priscilla visited Nancy's uncle and aunt in Bakersville in the mid-1980's and Nancy was present there.  She didn't speak up then.[/b]

[b]She only spoke about the Whites being involved in her abuse after signing on with Mary Bienkowski.  [/b]
OK, so I wen to finish these comments and the computer kicked me off as I was discussing her story about the final rape by Fleet JR. For now I will take that as a sign not to post my comments - - but I encourage all to read the final installment of her interview which I posted today.

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