PDI theory - problems
from Newsweek

Tom Haney. One minute he would be talking to a sophisticated, articulate Miss America contestant; the next, she'd be trying to charm him. On the third day, he went all out.
What would you do if I told you we had evidence that shows you're not being truthful? he said, looking directly into her eyes.
Let's see it, Patsy said, as if she had been brought up on the streets of Brooklyn.
We're not in a position to show it to you now, Haney replied. You have lied to me, he added.
Pal, you don't want to go there. Don't start that, she snapped.
The tougher the questions became, the tougher Patsy became. Once, she raised her hand across the table, in front of Haney's face and said, You're going down the wrong road.
When Haney took the offensive, Patsy Ramsey was ready for him. She had the answers, and she didn't care if he liked them or not.
When the case detectives viewed the tapes of the third day, they gave Haney four stars. He'd gotten to the real Patsy, they believed. She had exhibited the hard side of her persona. A side capable of bringing harm to her daughter. Still, it was almost impossible to believe that she'd gone from being a normal mother, which until then she had given every indication of being, to being a murderer that night. Haney had never been able to come up with a motive for the killing, and now, after three days of questioning, he had not been able to find a trigger that might have set Patsy off--if she was the killer.

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