swiss army knives
interview with Detective Dan Schuler):
SCHULER: [i]You have two knives?[/i]
BURKE: [i]I have one that says my name on it – it has Switzerland on it.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Uh-huh.[/i]
BURKE: [i]That one has a big knife, small knife, saw, corkscrew, screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, toothpick and tweezers. And I think that’s it. And then I have another one that has a saw, scissors, it’s got this little hook thing [b]that you tie knots better with[/b]. Um, I said saw? A cork opener.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Both of those Swiss Army knives?[/i]
BURKE: [i]One knife is smaller.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Where do you normally keep those? In your scouting stuff?[/i]
BURKE: [i]I think I like (inaudible) and I have a little place for them in my room.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Did you take them both camping with you?[/i]
BURKE: [i]I just took the —[/i]
SCHULER: [i]The one with your name on it?[/i]
BURKE: [i]No.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Oh, okay. So somebody must have given you that one, for a special occasion?[/i]
BURKE: [i]My mom.[/i]
[b]7. INTERROGATION/Confirmation [December 11, 2001 Patsy Ramsey Deposition Wolf vs Ramsey][/b]
HOFFMAN: [i]One of the most controversial pieces of evidence is a red Boy Scout knife or a whittling knife. I don’t know if it is a Swiss Army knife. Do you know whether or not Burke owned a red knife at any time?[/i]
PATSY: [i]He had a couple of them.[/i]
HOFFMAN: [i]He had more than one?[/i]
PATSY:  [i]I believe so.[/i]
HOFFMAN:  [i]Do you know if he had more than one at one time?[/i]
PATSY:  [i]Yes.[/i]

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