He was cleared
from the CBS lawsuit:

14. Law enforcement officials publicly declared that Burke Ramsey was not a suspect
in a 1998 press release by former Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner, in a 1999 press statement
by special grand jury prosecutor Michael Kane, in a 1999 press release and a 2000 sworn
affidavit by former Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter, and in a 2003 press release and a
2008 letter by former Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy.
90. Former Boulder DA Hunter’s May 1999 exoneration occurred approximately
eight months after he convened a grand jury and approximately five months before the grand
jury investigation concluded.
91. Despite being fully aware of the press release, Defendants ignored and did not
disclose DA Hunter’s May 1999 statements during the Documentary.
92. The Boulder DA hired Michael Kane, Esq. (“Kane”), a prosecutor from
Pennsylvania, as a Special Prosecutor to oversee the grand jury investigation.
93. On or about December 12, 1999, Kane publicly acknowledged in a statement to,
and published by, the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Sunday Patriot News that there was no evidence
developed in the investigation that supported an accusation that Burke killed JonBenét:
One of the more horrendous mistakes by the media, Kane said, was the story by a
supermarket tabloid, The Star, that branded Burke as the killer. Earlier this
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month, the Ramseys filed a $25 million libel suit against the paper. Kane recalled
that when the story first came out last May, it troubled the prosecution. And
when the story began getting picked up by other newspapers, they knew they had
to do something.
. . .
“Alex Hunter and I decided there was no basis for that speculation and no
evidence to support it, and we issued a press release to put it to rest,” Kane said,
“I think it’s horrible that a 12-year-old kid would have a finger pointed at him
with no evidence to support it and have to see his picture on the cover of
tabloids every time he’s in a supermarket saying that he killed his sister.”

94. Kane’s December 1999 statements occurred approximately two months after the
grand jury investigation concluded.
95. Despite being fully aware of his comments, Defendants ignored and did not
disclose Kane’s December 1999 comments during the Documentary.
96. In a sworn affidavit dated October 12, 2000, former Boulder DA Alex Hunter
reaffirmed under oath that Burke had never been a suspect in the investigation into his sister’s
murder. A copy of said affidavit is attached hereto as Exhibit “A”. The affidavit stated, in part:
From December 26, 1996, to the date of this affidavit, no evidence has ever been
developed in the investigation to justify elevating Burke Ramsey’s status from
that of witness to suspect.
97. Despite being fully aware of his affidavit, Defendants ignored and did not
disclose DA Hunter’s October 2000 affidavit during the Documentary.

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