Governor Roy Romer
Aug. 8, 1998
Governor may step into JonBenet case

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 8 -- Colorado Gov. Roy Romer is considering whether he should intervene in the JonBenet Ramsey case. Romer has asked the district attorneys of four counties to advise him on how to respond to the latest call for a special prosecutor in the 20- month investigation.
Boulder Police Detective Steve Thomas resigned Thursday, accusing Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter of crippling the case and asked Romer to intervene. Thomas is one of the original detectives assigned to investigate the murder of the 6-year-old beauty princess, who would have turned 8 last Thursday. 'The time for intervention is now,' Thomas said in his letter to Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner. 'It is difficult to imagine a more compelling situation for the introduction of an entirely independent prosecution team to be introduced into this matter, who would oversee an attempt at righting this case.' The Rocky Mountain News says Thomas accused Hunter's office of denying police search warrants for phone records and other documents, and failing to collect some evidence; dismissing other evidence as unimportant or rationalizing it as insignificant; sharing evidence with the Ramsey family and attorneys and allegedly pursuing 'innocent people with shameless tactics.' The newspaper says Thomas could not be reached to elaborate or comment. Hunter was unavailable, vacationing in Alaska. By law, Romer can intervene in cases where a local district attorney has refused to file charges. Romer spokesman Matt Sugar said the governor wants advice from metro- area prosecutors Bill Ritter, Bob Grant, Jim Peters and Dave Thomas. The district attorneys have served as advisers to Hunter on the case. A meeting is planned this weekend or early next week.

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