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Just quoting Tricia on this: -

To clear things up we do not allow discussion of an intruder in the Ramsey case for the very simple reason there was no intruder.

As we do on every case on Websleuths we allow you to discuss the facts of the case. As it stands now the three people in the house that night are not cleared. Until John, Burke, and Patsy are cleared and believable evidence of an intruder is introduced, the only discussion allowed is one that includes the people in the house that night.

If you want to discuss the intruder theory there are many other forums where you are allowed to do so.

I do my best to run Websleuths like a democracy; however, there are times that I have to make a decision based on what I know. As the owner, I feel it is a disservice to the forum to allow the fantasy of intruders to be discussed.

[b]You may be tempted to reply to me on this thread about this topic. Please do not reply on this thread or any thread. Allowing the intruder discussion is not an option.[/b]
Haven't been there is a while but apparently they have a new leader who is quite active supporting BORG myths and lies. Just check this out.

Cottonstar wrote:
Actually, before the murder, Patsy told her friend that Burke had lost his temper and hit her with the golf club. Common sense. All siblings have hit, pushed, and clobbered one another at some point. It’s what they do. It’s sibling rivalry. It’s child psychology

My note - ACTUALLY, Cottonstar, that is NOT what happened. According to Patsy at the time and later, it was an accident, no temper. Burke was swinging and JBR stepped behind him.
But don't let the facts hamper your attacks.

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