John want AWOL
The myth is that John Ramsey went missing for a while on the morning of the 26th.  BORG claims it was for well over and hour and the suggestion is that he could have left the house to get rid of some incriminating evidence he just, maybe, forgot to dump earlier.    I don't really know what the BORG thinks.

But this is from Detective Linda Arndt's depositiona in her lawsuit against Boulder.

pg 117-118

Q.     you had lost track of John Ramsey for a period between 10:40 and twelve o'clock?
A.     No.
Q.    You didn't see him during that period of time, is that correct?
A.    No. 
Q.    It's not correct?
A.    That is not correct.
Q.    Didn't you report - all right.  You said sometime between 10:40 and 12:00 he went out to pick up the mail.
A.     No
Q.    What did you say?
A.     I believe I worded it in my report rather vaguely, and what I worded and  what has been put out in the media are not the same.  I said sometime during that timeframe I saw John reading his  mail.
Q.    We will get back to that later .  But there was a period of time when you lost contact with him, is that right, personal contact with him?
A.    I did not watch John Ramsey the entire time.

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