Judith Phillips - PDI
  Intenet poster Mame interviewed Judith Phillips - here is part of that transcript.

Mame: when did the police first speak with you?
JP: I think in April, not sure,…… in April……
Mame: and did you ask to be spoken to? Or did they take it upon themselves to…
JP: they called me first and asked if it would be okay if they could interview me down at police headquarters. And I said, sure. Mame: did they want to know more about what type of person Patsy was?
JP: well they asked, they interviewed me 3 times. The first time was short and Steve Thomas and Gosage was there and there was a woman whose name I don't recall, those were the 3 that interviewed me. It was taped and I didn't have a problem with that at all. They asked odd questions like , do you know this person as related to JR? They were naming off at least a half of dozen female names and, no I've never heard of that person before and no, I never knew that person before. And they would ask….
Mame: Not related as relatives, but the connection in terms of his life, who they were?
JP: yeah, women involved with John. They were hinting at an affair. I said, Why did you ask me the names of these women? They said, well, it's believed that JR had had quite a few affairs, not only in Atlanta but also here in Boulder. Do you know of anything? I knew, really none. (Laughs). John has such a devious quality about himself there was no way that he would let anybody know about his trysts whether they were real or not. But I found it interesting the line of, the police line of questions and how it went. Then they asked me if I knew about Patsy, if I saw her anger, if I saw her lose her temper and if I knew if she had ever had any relationships here in Boulder, you know questions like, personality type questions.
Mame: did she?
JP: not that I know of, but I have been told by a friend by a friend of mine who is much more deeply involved in this story than I am, that she met with a woman in Denver that had a health club that had played racquet ball with a, um, ah, I'm trying to think he was. Not an account…..
Mame: an investment person?
JP: An investment person. Yeah, and according to her friend that she knows very well, this investment person who is a man had said that he had a relationship with PR that night.
Mame: of the murder?
JP: yeah, that they had come home from the party at the Whites and Patsy had left the home, and had attended a party where they had a fling going.
Mame: do you believe that?
JP: (couldn't understand)
Mame: How do you know?
JP: How do you know? It's not that I don't disbelieve it, it's like…. You know???
Mame: that's the story that Jann Scott sort of threw out, was that was the line of thinking that they had up with that this boyfriend had come back. JP: yeah, well, I'm trying to investigate that. I have to do it very carefully.
Mame: I hope you'll keep us informed.
JP: I will. I have to be very careful, because I'm sure that she under any circumstances, that this man was apparently a father of the children where JonBenet and Burke attended school.
Mame: your school?
JP: their school. At that time they switched from the public school, to I .. Can't remember the name of it. They were a special satellite school.
mame: a magnet school.
JP: A magnet school. Patsy left, Susan Stine left and Roxy left and took their kids with them.
Mame: a magnet school
JP: a magnet school.
Mame: so it was apparently a father,
JP: yeah, who he did not, … he was married, he did not want anyone to know even if, this is true, can you imagine that he is willing to keep his secret, secret?
Mame: yeah, I can't imagine with all the scrutiny that, … but, you don't know.
JP: uh, huh.
Mame: that's fascinating.
JP: yes, it is fascinating.
Mame: But did you hear that there are good sources that you hear this from are sound enough that it's worth pursuing, that it's worth investigating… (couldn't understand)
JP: there is not one leaf that I would leave unturned in this particular case. I try not to have an opinion of something until I've investigated it further. So, I believe that this is something worth following up on. But I want to be real careful, because if this is true, this man is keeping an incredible secret. So, that's .. so I went from, and I think at the point where the more information that I obtained, especially about the ransom note when Tom and I and our relationship started. He sat down with me at length and showed me what his analysis, what his handwriting analysis that he did for Darnay Hoffman.
Mame: And it's like.. (couldn't understand) terminally (couldn't understand) finance, (couldn't understand) he was called upon.
JP: right, right.
Mame: to do an analysis
JP: (at same time) a handwriting analysis for Darnay Hoffman years ago. And he was one of the few handwriting analyzers that was willing to come out very strongly about that Patsy wrote the ransom note. He did not soft step, didn't fudge at all, which I think a lot of them have a tendency to do, but he really strongly believes, and still to this day believes that Patsy was the author of the ransom note. So you know we would have many conversations about it and that sort of was like the icing on the cake for me.
Mame: um, hum.. and when was that in your timeline approximately?
JP: let's see, probably, when the early spring of 98.
Mame: OK, so about a year and half, a year and a quarter after.
JP: yeah,
Mame: OK. Let me mention what I never knew, I sort of picked this up on Dateline NBC that you did. Your personal opinion is there could have been some incest going on.
JP: yeah, the reason why I believe that is, a couple of things. First of all, this ahhh, to see JonBenet prance around in her very sexually revealing outfits and just the way that she presented herself was shocking for me. I felt that there was something more there than that the eye.. it was just ..
Mame: But at the time you saw her prancing you didn't feel it? You didn't (couldn't understand) the activity, but later…. When you look back or…
JP: no, no, the first time I saw those films on television. I didn't see them while she was alive but..
Mame: but you didn't attend the pagents..
JP: right.
Mame: you had no way of knowing.
JP: right, so the first time I actually saw the footage, was right after her death, right after her murder, and I was shocked. I was absolutely shocked. I thought I do ,, this is not the little girl that I knew at all. It just was shocking.
Mame: sort of like a secret life.
JP: yeah, like another person. Actually another person that I didn't even know. The way that she pranced around and smiled and so sexual, adult sexual moves.
Mame: they really were sexual
JP: yeah
Mame: what else does (couldn't understand) daughter, but that is not a typical
JP: yeah, it's not Shirley Temple on the good ship lollipop, this is something very different, very different and there was a red flag, an intuitive flag that was, I, I just thought this is.. There's something wrong here. That was the first thing. Then as I have tried to put the pieces together that why I felt that Patsy, the person Patsy, the mother Patsy could have ever murdered her child, which I believe that she did. What would compel a mother to do this? And the only theory that makes any sense to me, is the theory that she found John sexually abusing JonBenet that night. That to me makes the only sense.
Mame: because you can't picture her then, bedwetting or…..
JP: no, no, no, no, no. The only thing that makes any sense of her behavior, was she quote" lost it".
Mame: and you think she was losing it towards John, not JonBenet.
JP: I think Patsy suspected it for some time. I think it may have started when JonBenet's hair was dyed blonde because that summer Patsy came home with a big ring on her finger and she was different and so was JonBenet. JonBenet's physical appearance.

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