04-14-2000 Larry King Live with former Detective Steve Thomas

Larry King: "What about the suitcase under the bedroom window?"

Steve Thomas: "Well, I think that's easily explained -- under the basement window."

Larry King: "Basement window."

Steve Thomas:
"One, a witness in the house that day moved the suitcase, but I don't think these crime scene photos that some are relying upon are necessarily indicative of what a true pristine crime scene was that day."

Larry King: "Meaning?"

Steve Thomas:
"Meaning, the suitcase was moved at one point during the day before that photograph was taken."


Facts - John said the suitcase was not normally stored in that room.  When Fleet White first saw the suitcase, it was flush with the wall and for some rason, he changed the position.   Glass on it may have been dropped by intruder as Patsy said she had cleaned up all the pieces when she told LHP to have Mervin replace the glass (never done).
July 11, 2001 British Documentary, 'Who Killed The Pageant Queen?' produced by David Mills and Michael Tracey

LOU SMIT : "You know its been said that only a midget could get down into that grate, well I'm no midget and I'll show you how easily it can be done. It really wasn't that difficult coming in that window. And often with a burglar or an intruder if they find a safe way in they also figure it'll be a safe way out. And if you remember, there was a suitcase that was right underneath this window. And if he figures that he has to go out this window, he may think that it would be much easier if there was something to stand on and on top of this suitcase was a very small pea sized piece of glass - which may have been picked up by a person’s shoe and a faint impression of possibly a footprint on the suitcase. And that suggests very strongly to me that perhaps someone did stand on that suitcase at one point, perhaps to go out the window or perhaps just to test to see if he could go out that window. Now I can't say for sure if an intruder went through that window, but also we cannot just disregard it and say that he did not come through that window."

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