Retired FBI John Douglas
                    John Douglas Interview on Time & Again in January 1997
                 Jane Pauley:
                 JP: Former FBI agent with a reputation for Profiling - NBC's Cris
                 Hanson talked to him for Dateline in Jan ‘97 just over a month after
                 JonBenet's death.

                 John Douglas
                 JD: I've sat down across the table from some of the country's greatest
                 liars, in the world really, and I can sense it. Things just did not fit, the
                 crime scene - data -- just doesn't fit.

                 Cris Hanson
                 CH: Douglas was hired by Ramsey Attorneys and CH asks why they
                 hired him.

                 JD: They hired me to do an independent analysis in hopes of
                 determining who was responsible for the death of the daughter. And I
                 said, I will give you an independent analysis but you may not like what I
                 have to say.

                 CH: And that's because when he arrived here in Boulder, he
                 immediately suspected the Ramseys. Douglas was limited by authorities
                 on what evidence he could see but he was allowed in the house. He
                 was briefed on the autopsy report and he saw a photo copy of the so
                 called ransom note. Most importantly, he was given access to the
                 Ramseys. His experience told him, look very closely at the parent. His
                 25 years of groundbreaking profiling research for the FBI led to
                 important breaks in dozens of major cases. He had studied and
                 interviewed scores of serial killers. He accurately profiled the
                 unibomber years ago. And he was the inspiration for character Jack
                 Crawford in the film, ‘Silence of the Lambs'. Although the BPD is
                 releasing no information about the investigation, Douglas says it was
                 clear to him that the Ramseys were the chief suspects when he arrived.
                 For Douglas it was critically important to interview the parents.

                 How much time did you spend talking to Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey?
                 JD: About 4 or 5 hours.
                 CH - For Douglas that interview two weeks after JonBenet was found
                 murdered would be crucial in forming his opinions. To Douglas,
                 whoever committed the crime had to have intimate knowledge with the
                 Ramseys million dollar home.

                 JD: What struck me as very unusual was the bedrooms - The mothers
                 and fathers bedrooms were so far away on the third floor. Even if you
                 weren't a sound sleeper, you'd have difficulty hearing any noise on the
                 second floor because it was so far removed.

                 CH: They told Douglas they all went to bed early Christmas night
                 because they were planning to fly to their other home in Michigan the
                 next morning.

                 JD: Mr. Ramsey gets up, takes a shower. The mother gets up, goes
                 downstairs to make some coffee - goes down the spiral staircase and
                 the last step is three pages of the letter - starts reading it - doesn't know
                 what it is - then she starts screaming. Mr. Ramsey comes down and it's
                 instructions like don't contact the FBI, don't contact the police.

                 CH: But the police were called. They search the house but don't check
                 a small basement room. Hours later, a distraught John Ramsey goes to
                 the basement and discovers his daughters body.

                 JD: Everyone hears upstairs, ‘Oh God My Baby'. He grabs the child,
                 removes the duct tape, carries the child upstairs and

                 tries to resuscitate the child.
                 CH: The crime scene and JonBenet's body were now contaminated
                 because of the family's desperate efforts to help the little girl. But
                 Douglas says the parents story contain important clues.

                 JD: If a parent kills a child, they don't want to be the ones to find the
                 child. If they do a search say, in the residence, they'll get someone else
                 like ‘OK Frank you check this room, I'll be over here checking the
                 other room. The other thing you look at is how the child is left. When
                 parents kill, they usually place the child with a very very peaceful type
                 of look to it - A staged crime scene.

                 CH: Douglas says JonBenet was brutalized - she had duct tape on her
                 mouth, she suffered severe head wounds and she was strangled and
                 sexually assaulted. Douglas says the interview with the parents which
                 lasted more than four hours was what ultimately turned him around.

                 JD: I'm looking at this man, Mr. Ramsey and if you did it, you're one
                 hell of a liar. You are one hell of a liar. If he did it, he put on a great
                 production here but I just don't believe in my heart he did this. And not
                 just from what's in my heart but from the analysis of the scene.

                 CH: But, you're being paid by the Ramseys.
                 JD: Right - You can pay me for my time, you're not going to pay for my
                 opinion or jeopardize my reputation.

                 CH: Are you convinced based upon your experience that the parents
                 were not involved with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey?

                 JD: What I've seen and experienced I'd say they were not involved.
                 CH: The so-called ransom note that was left at the Ramseys home
                 demands $118,000 and we now know that a $118,000 is the amount
                 of the bonus JR was expecting that year. What does that say to you?
                 Who has this knowledge?

                 JD: The wife didn't have the knowledge, she doesn't know anything
                 about that. It's money that's electronically placed in his 401K at the end
                 of the year so to me it's kind of like the manifesto of the unibomber. If
                 you knew more about the person who's responsible - this person has a
                 very unique intimate knowledge about his financial workings therefore
                 the person would have to be somehow related to his employment.

                 CH: But Douglas remains focused on a piece of evidence that continues
                 to haunt him, the three page ransom note apparently left by the killer.

                 JD: Again, I am very prejudice by the amount of money, $118,000. Is
                 that just luck that they picked that amount, I don't think so.

                 Jane Pauley: John Douglas came to believe the Ramseys were not
                 responsible for JonBenet's death. But neither he nor anyone else has
                 ever identified any other credible suspect.
Mindhunter Book
written by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker
Reportedly found in Ramsey home

1997-01-18: Ramseys hire only 'the best'

Ramseys hire only 'the best'
Camera Staff Writer
Saturday, January 18, 1997

When John and Patsy Ramsey appeared on national television New Year's Day, John Ramsey announced he wanted to hire "the best minds this country has to offer" to find his daughter's killer.

Since then, the family has fulfilled that promise - assembling a team of lawyers, investigators, a former FBI agent, a media consultant and even a handwriting expert.

The Ramseys' daughter, 6-year-old JonBenet, was found strangled in the basement of the family home Dec. 26, about eight hours after her mother reported her kidnapped. More than three weeks later, few new details are emerging in the investigation of her murder.

The "Ramsey team" has attracted attention because of the number of high-profile experts on it.

Karen Duffala, deputy director of the National Law Enforcement Center at the University of Denver Research Institute, said she has never seen a team like this, "not all joined together."

"What's unusual is, these individuals are of national status - very well-known - and they're people that the Ramseys had access to," said Duffala, a former investigator at the Aurora Police Department.

At the center of the Ramsey team is Pat Korten, a Washington, D.C., expert on "crisis management." Korten's company, Rowan & Blewitt Inc., addresses issues involving "litigation, public policy debate and scrutiny from the media, government, special interest and community organization(s)," according to company literature.

Before joining Rowan & Blewitt about a year ago, Korten had been a journalist, talk-show host, spokesperson for a pharmaceutical trade association, and spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice during the Reagan administration.

Korten, who now acts as the Ramseys' spokesperson, answers the flood of up to 200 media calls daily on behalf of the family. He also has set up a World Wide Web page for the family, with responses to coroner's photographs printed in the Globe tabloid and more.

The Ramseys also hired a pair of powerful Denver attorneys to advise them in the case: G. Bryan Morgan and Patrick Burke.

Morgan, 59, a founding partner of the high-powered criminal defense law firm Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, represents John Ramsey. Morgan, who teaches professional responsibility at the University of Colorado Law School, was a Colorado Supreme Court nominee and an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for CU regent.

"He's a highly respected, extremely competent and wonderfully intelligent lawyer," said CU evidence and criminal law professor Mimi Wesson. "He's well regarded in all quarters as a highly ethical and responsible lawyer."

Gene Nichol, former dean of the CU Law School, described Morgan, who was the finance chair for Nichol's unsuccessful Senate campaign, as "a real accomplished criminal lawyer" and "a very effective and passionate advocate."

Morgan won a high-profile murder case in 1980 when he represented Lee Bobb Lindsley in the 1978 shooting death of her husband, Dr. Warren Felix B. Lindsley. Lindsley had been charged with first-degree murder.

Lee Foreman, 51, another partner in the firm, also is working on the case. A former special prosecutor for the Colorado attorney general and president of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Foreman is playing more of a background role in the case.

Burke, 47, who represents Patsy Ramsey, was formerly an assistant city attorney in Lakewood, assistant state attorney general and a federal public defender. Burke has been involved in a number of high-profile cases. In 1987, he successfully defended Richard Scutari, one of four white supremacists accused of violating the civil rights of Jewish talk-show host Alan Berg, who was murdered.

Perhaps the most famous of all the Ramsey team members is former FBI criminal personality profiler John Douglas - the inspiration for special agent Jack Crawford in the movie "The Silence of the Lambs."

In his 25-year career with the FBI, Douglas was a pioneer of modern criminal investigative analysis and became the leading expert on criminal personality profiling. He has studied and interviewed dozens of serial killers and assassins, including Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Richard Speck and John Wayne Gacy.

Douglas has co-authored books on the killers and his profiling adventures, including "Mind Hunter" and "Unabomber." He's also been an expert witness for both prosecution and defense. Douglas has said he sometimes loses favor with those who hire him because he doesn't always tell them what they want to hear.

"There are defense attorneys contacting me to look at their cases, and I tell them, "I don't know what I'm going to say on this, you might not like what I have to say,'" Douglas said in an interview with the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Ironically, Douglas favors "proactive techniques" - or giving as much information out to the public as possible, something that appears contrary to the Boulder Police Department's tight-lipped policy on the Ramsey case.

Boulder city spokesman Kelvin McNeill said Douglas will be given "an opportunity to provide insight" to police detectives investigating JonBenet's murder. But, he added, "we have said all along that outside investigators are not more or less entitled to information than the general public or media."

The identity of one team member remains a mystery. Korten said the Ramseys hired a handwriting analyst - one that Newsweek magazine reported cleared the Ramseys of involvement in the ransom note. Korten would not comment on the report, nor would he divulge the identity of the analyst, saying only, "He's very well-known in the field."

Rounding out the team are two private investigators: H. Ellis Armistead and David L. Williams.

Armistead, 46, is a former Lakewood police officer and a special investigator for the Routt County district attorney's office. As a private investigator, Armistead is known for his ability "to get statements from witnesses that I didn't think would ever talk to us," said one defense attorney.

Williams has been a private investigator for nearly 20 years. Prior to that he spent five years on the Colorado Organized Crime Strike Force. As a whole, the group may seem unusual, but "it is equally unusual for crime victims to be as wealthy as the Ramseys," said Wesson.

"It sounds like an extraordinary assembly of talents.
June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Regarding John Douglas book "Mindhunter")

6 LOU SMIT: Okay. Do you remember
7 what books your wife may have read around that
8 time or before? Was she a big reader?
9 JOHN RAMSEY: She wasn't really a
10 big reader. She would hit the bed, she would
11 fall asleep. I usually read in bed. She wasn't
12 a real big reader.
13 MIKE KANE: Did -- the occasions
14 that she did read books, what kinds?
15 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, you know, I
16 don't know if I could tell you one brook she's
17 read.
18 MIKE KANE: But was she a library
19 person, would she go to the library?
20 JOHN RAMSEY: Not much. We would
21 take the kids to the library but --
22 MIKE KANE: She pick up a book when
23 she would take the kids?
24 JOHN RAMSEY: Um, no, probably
25 not.

1 MIKE KANE: Okay. What about "Mind
2 Hunter", John Douglas's book was there in the
3 house, had you purchased that?
4 JOHN RAMSEY: No. It was there in
5 '96? Interesting.
6 MIKE KANE: Was it interesting?
7 JOHN RAMSEY: I never never heard
8 of John Douglas or that book before.
9 MIKE KANE: So you never read that?
10 JOHN RAMSEY: No. I bought one of
11 his books the next summer, his newer book.
June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Mindhunter by John Douglas)

1 How about the book Mind?
3 TOM HANEY: Do you recall that? Do you
4 recall seeing it around the house?
6 TOM HANEY: You were not reading.
8 TOM HANEY: It is a book by John Douglas.
9 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't know.
10 TOM HANEY: Do you know who he is?
11 PATSY RAMSEY: John Douglas I know.
12 TOM HANEY: Okay. How about everybody in
13 your room on your bedroom dresser there was a book by
14 David Pilgram (phonetic), a Danish book.
15 PATSY RAMSEY: Not good at remembering
16 authors.
17 TOM HANEY: I think this was in Danish. Do
18 you read different languages?
20 TOM HANEY: Would John, does he?
21 PATSY RAMSEY: No. It was written in Danish?
22 TOM HANEY: That is my understanding.
24 PATSY RAMSEY: What kind of book?
25 TOM HANEY: I don't read it.
1 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't know. Not familiar.
Posted by jameson on Friday...July 17, 1998

Shhhh, it is a secret...

Peter's big scoop on Monday is going to be about reading material found in the Ramsey home.

Could be big. Bigger than the book on grieving for a lost child, bigger than the little book of inspirational bible verses, maybe bigger than the bible - at least this week, at least to Peter Boyles.

A few of us own this book, may want to consider disposing of it as it could potentially be used to show us to be obsessed with or even studying crimes and - gulp - murder!

Nah. I will keep it on my shelf. Owning a book does not a murderer make. However, this will provoke a LOT of talk..... maybe there was a conspiracy underfoot when the book was purchased!! (Written totally tongue-in-cheek)

The book, BTW, is "The Mind Hunter" by John Douglas.
1998-07-21: Peter Boyles Radio Show 630KHOW

Peter Boyles Radio Show - July 21, 1998
Linda Wilcox Interview


PETER BOYLES: "We'll talk about the police interview and we'll talk about the books by the bed. One of the stories we broke was about John Douglas' book Mindhunter being seen in the crime scene photos. You know a little bit about books by the Ramseys beds..."

LINDA WILCOX: "Well, they each had a pile of books in the corner by the bed. Even though they had nightstands. Originally the nightstands weren't there until they redid the upstairs. And even afterwards, they tended to just throw the books there. So, I kind of knew who read what. So, Patsy's side had things like, you know poems for women and not really what I would consider true trash-like Harlequin romances, but more like Mary Higgins Clark, woman novels. Some of them, I had even read. John's side of the bed was usually some kind of suspense-thriller. He tended to buy books by, what I call, by the numbers, I mean whatever's number 1 on the bestseller lists. Occasionally it would be something like the 7 habits of successful people, or financial things or even a (didn't hear) occasionally. But, generally it was some kind of suspense novel."

Posted by maxi on August 03, 1998 at 19:58:25:
In Reply to: Re: Mindhunter Book A Clue posted by I Ching on August 03, 1998 at 15:44:28:

: :
: : :
: : : :
: : : : From the ABC/Denver site:
: : : : : Does Book Yield a Clue in the Case?
: : : : : New information about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case today. 7NEWS has
: : : : : confirmed it involves a book by a well-known FBI profiler John Douglas.
: : : : : The book is called Mindhunter. 7NEWS has confirmed that investigators
: : : : : discovered the book in the Ramsey's bedroom. Sources tell us one of the
: : : : : parents was reading it, but we don't know which one. The Ramsey's have
: : : : : been questioned about it. The book describes many of the cases Douglas
: : : : : worked on while he was at the F.B.I. Investigators are particularly
: : : : : interested in a chapter that explains how the FBI helped catch Larry
: : : : : Gene Bell, who was convicted and sentenced to death for kidnapping and
: : : : : killing two girls in South Carolina in 1985. Experts say there are
: : : : : several similarities between the case described in that chapter and the
: : : : : Ramsey case. While the book doesn't mean anything by itself, when you
: : : : : put it together with all the other details of the murder, it's an
: : : : : important piece of information. We tried to contact the Ramsey's lawyers
: : : : : about this, but they did not return our call. John and Patsy Ramsey have
: : : : : said repeatedly they did not have anything to do with the death of their
: : : : : daughter.

: : : : The book was read by Patsy. It was found on the floor on HER side of the bed. Late night reading entertainment? Don't think so. More like "how-to" type reading. What's so interesting about this revelation is that Patsy took the book with her when she and John permanently left the house the day of the murder. Now I ask you, if your child had been brutally murdered hours earlier in your own house and you had to move out of the house because it was a secured crime scene, and you had only a few minutes to grab some essentials to take with you, would you even consider grabbing a book????? And of all the books in the house, she only grabbed that one book!! Smoking gun? A jury sure might see it that way.

: : : : I Ching
: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: : : Who said she grabbed the book. If it was gone, who knew it was on the floor next to the bed. When were the crime photos taken? I heard that Patsy's sister was the one to come in and get things for the Ramseys. The scene is now a crime scene and I doubt if anyone got anything with out approval from PD Patsy's sister asked for the Bible.

: : : To repeat: Can't have it both ways. The book was not listed as evidence, yet it shows in a crime photo? Yet Patsy's sister took it, but the statement given to the press at the time was that her sister asked the PD if she could take the Bible, meaning they were right there and she had to ask them to take it. Now since they were right there, why was there no mention of the Mindhunter book. I don't think anything got out of that house once they found JonBenet. I think it is false info, given out by a leak. Now why do that? Because you still have an Eller connection in the PD. One that leaked info to the Vanity Fair, which a lot of it has proven to be false. Another thing I heard awhile back, is that the tabs want nothing to do with info that leads away from the Ramseys as they have put to much into the parents being guilty and to backtrack now, would show them for what they are and without calling names, we know what that name is.---Afton
: : ------------
: : Bravo Afton...for a point well made.

: I Ching and Allison...where is your proof that Patsy took that book, or even read the book? PeterBoyles?Sleazy Seven? Tabloids? Second, third or fouth hands speculation? Give me a break. LOLOLOL

: : Did Patsy and John Buy the Book? Was it on loan to them? Did they really have a crime photo with this book in it? Was it really found on Patsy's side of the bed? This book thing is weak tea...something to cause a little's nothing, nada, zilch. Any discussions with the investigators with the Ramseys, have been nearly eight weeks ago...Burke nearly ten weeks ago...still no arrest. On the contrary, Hunter says they are talking to new witnesses and sending in new samples to CBI...they are also reinvestigating old witnesses...Why? Oooooh Yeah...I remember...the Ramseys WANT them too, and they ALWAYS do what the Ramseys want them to do. Yeah Right.

: : I say if the Ramseys are guilty...the Police,DA, FBI, CBI and anyone else that could be dragged in to give an opinion...have had more then ample time to arrest the Ramseys...not happening...won't happen...give up.

: : JMHO...Seal...PJAPOI
: : --------------------
: Lou Smit was the one who saw the book in the photo with a magnifying glass. It was on the floor on Patsy's side of the massive double bed in the master bedroom. It was almost as if Patsy had just put it down that night. However, the book was not found anywhere in the house when the formal search was done. I think we all pretty much agree that books don't have legs and can't walk away on their own. The only conceivable explanation is that Patsy took it with her when she permamently left the house that day. Odd that she would think to take that one book with her under those tragic circumstances.....Anyway, it was reported that John and Patsy "squirmed" during the June interviews when they were asked about the book. Wonder why.

: I Ching

Peter Boyles seemed to have two sources for the info about the book: one who told him the book was beside the bed and one who told him that Patsy was the owner/reader of the book. The first source must be a leaker from within the police presentation or some such thing. Any guesses as to the second. I have one, but I'm not saying since I get in trouble on J-7 every time I mention this name.

1998-08-04: Enquirer (Week of August 4, 1998):
Police reveal 'murder manual' found in mom & dad's bedroom

In a dramatic development in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, police found a "hot-to murder manual" in the bedroom of the little beauty queen's parents!

The true-crime book describes a 1985 murder with amazing similarities to the brutal killing of JonBenet, who would have turned 8 on August 6.

And incredibly, it was written by John Douglas, former head of the FBI's behavioral science unit - and one of the first experts hired by JonBenet's father John after he and wife Patsy set up their own investigation team.

"The book was among several found during a search of John and Patsy's bedroom after JohBenet's body was discovered in the basement," said a source close to the case. "One of the investigators recently read through it in detail and was stunned at what he saw in one chapter.

"For someone planning a murder or staging its aftermath, it could amount to a how-to manual."

The book "Mind Hunter," was published in 1995, the year before JonBenet was murdered.

It describes the case of Larry Gene Bell, who abducted and murdered high school senior Shari Faye Smith and a 9-year-old girl near Columbia, S.C.

And Douglas, who helped solve the killings, lists circumstances in the case that were later eerily echoed in the JonBenet murder:

* After snatching Shari, the killer called her mother. His first words to her were, "Listen carefully." In the JonBenet case, the ransom note - which cops believe was written by Patsy Ramsey - starts with the words, "Listen carefully!"

* Shari was suffocated with duct tape, which was later pulled from her mouth and nose. When John Ramsey found his daughter's body he ripped duct tape from her mouth.

* Before she was killed Shari wrote a "last will and testament" to her family on a legal pad. The fake JonBenet ransom note was written on a yellow legal pad.

* Shari's killer collected pornography featuring bondage. JonBenet's hands had been bound with cord before she was murdered.

* Shari's sister Dawn later won the Miss South Carolina beauty title and went on to finish as a runner-up in the Miss America pageant. Patsy Ramsey is a former Miss West Virginia - and she also competed for the Miss America title.

Both John and Patsy were questioned about the book in June, and they dismissed the similarities between the book and JonBenet's murder as sheer coincidence, The Enquirer has learned.

But Gregg McCrary - Douglas' fellow FBI profiler who was also approached to work for the Ramseys and turned them down - declared: "The longer you are in my business, the less you believe in coincidences.

"I believe the JonBenet crime scene was staged. Many times when people stage a crime scene it's based on their perception of what a real criminal would do - and they get that information from books or movies.

"The grand jury will have to weight whether these are a series of coincidences - or something else.


The JonBenet murder investigation has cost the city of Boulder, Colo., $432,180.
The Ramseys have spent an estimated $3 million on attorneys and private investigators.
1998-08-04: Globe (Week of August 4, 1998):
Ramseys used FBI Ace's Book to Plan Cover-Up

JonBenet Ramsey's parents used a book by ace FBI profiler John Douglas as a blueprint for the cover-up after her death, say sources close to the investigation.

The super-rich couple later spirited the book away - but they've been found out by police photographs of their home's contents, taken on December 26, 1996, after the 6-year-old's body was found, say sources.

Eagle-eyed investigator Lou "The Fox" Smit recently spotted the book, Mind Hunter, while poring over pictures of the Ramseys' bedroom with a magnifying glass, say sources. It was on the floor on Patsy's side of the bed.

Both John and Patsy "squirmed" say sources, when they were asked about the book. But they denied they had used it as a step-by-step guide, says a source close to the investigation.

When investigators read Mind Hunter - which deals with Douglas' work inside the FBI's serial crimes unit - they found it was a treasure trove of clues to how John and Patsy could have planned the cover-up say sources. For instance:

* Chapter 16 tells of the kidnapping and murder of Shari Faye Smith May 31, 1985. Link JonBenet, Shari was a pretty blonde youngster who loved to perform on stage. Her sister was a beauty queen who - like Patsy - appeared in the Miss American contest. When Shari's killer called her family, he twice warned them to "listen carefully." The phony ransom note, which cops believe Patsy Ramsey wrote, began with the words "listen carefully."

Shari had duct tape stuck over her mouth. So did tragic JonBenet.

"The investigators believe that Patsy was deeply moved by the story of Shari's murder because of the similarities to her own family," the insider explains. "She later used it to invent a bogus kidnapping and ransom demand."

* On page 350, Douglas tells how perverts are sometimes first turned on by Barbie Dolls. A pink Barbie nightdress was placed close to JonBenet's body - planted, detectives believe, to reinforce the idea she was the victim of a perverted intruder.

In April of 1997, GLOBE discovered that other books the Ramseys had in their home dealt with garrote murders and decapitation. JonBenet was garroted and the ransom note threatened to behead her.

Investigators have long puzzled over how seemingly normal people like John and Patsy could devise such a twisted scenario, say sources. They now believe that the books in their home, including Mind Hunter, were the inspiration.

After the murder, the Ramseys cunningly hired author Douglas to join their own investigation team.

But when Boulder DA Alex Hunter convenes a grand jury toward the end of summer, he will be called.

Says the source: "They plan to ask Douglas if he now believes Mind Hunter was used as a blueprint for a murder cover-up."
9/27/1998 20/20 - the FOSER show

ELIZABETH VARGAS (VO) Foster is bound by a confidentiality agreement with the Boulder Police Department. But sources tell us in his report, summarized by detectives in the June presentation of evidence, Foster identified the writer of the ransom note as Patsy Ramsey. Foster analyzed commonly used words and also found similarities between Patsy's letter format and that of the ransom note writer's. The indentations and punctuation, especially the repeated use of the exclamation point. We looked back through our own archives and found two samples of Patsy's writing—this 1996 Christmas letter peppered with exclamation points and this 1978 photo with a two—line note, each sentence ending in an exclamation point.

Also, sources say as many as 250 books were cataloged and photographed from various rooms in the Ramsey house in the event they yielded possible clues. At least one book, found in the bedroom, did—"Mind Hunter," by FBI profiler John Douglas. In chapter 16, there is a case of a young girl who is kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and suffocated with duct tape. When the killer called the mother, he began with the words "listen carefully." The same two words begin the ransom note. Patsy Ramsey has said she found the note at the bottom of the back spiral staircase. She has said she read it, and then called for John. In an interview for A&E airing tomorrow night, John Ramsey recalled his reaction after he read the note

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