9 pageants
JonBenet had been in 9 pageants in the 2 years preceding her death in December, 1996.

Colorado State All-Star kids Pageant: April 1994 or 5.
Little Miss Charlevoix: June 1995 according to Patsy's 1995 Christmas Letter.

Little Miss Colorado - May 1996 (Lisa Ryckman - Rocky Mountain News  LaDonna Griego's 10-year-old daughter, Breanne, passed her                                                                                              Little Miss Colorado title along to JonBenet in May 1996

America's Royale Tiny Miss: Division title: On June 1, 1996, JonBenet appeared in the Royal Miss state pageant in Denver.[b] [/b]

America's Royale Miss Colorado Dream Queen: July 1996.

Sunburst National Pageant: 2nd place: August 1996.
Miss Colorado Sunburst: October 1996.
Colorado's Little Miss Christmas: December 17th 1996.
Colorado's All-stars Christmas Pageant: Metal for talent: December 22nd 1996.

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