The Final Suspects
A Bone to Pick is the seventh "episode" in this series of podcasts (actually eight so far plus a short teaser), and it is finally the first podcast with audio from the actual investigation underway into further testing of the DNA of what are claimed to be Lou Smit's top-ten list of suspects.  The subject of that audio is the visit by Doug Longhini and Jameson to Rick Gardner (Sp?) who was a cook and "salad man" at Pasta Jay's restaurant in Boulder.  It was wonderful to  hear this audio; it provides valuable insight into how the request of a subject's DNA and its subsequent collection can go down, as well as provide assurance that this is being carried out in a professional manner, as professional as can be done by private citizens.  Like Jameson, I am skeptical that this particular individual will turn out to be the contributor of any DNA from the crime scene, but like many others, I've felt for years that this is the kind of effort most likely to succeed in identifying the killer, especially compared to the failures of BPD, the FBI, and the celebrity ciminalists so far.  The only problem is correctly prioritizing which rocks should be turned over first.  This is where a theory of the crime can help.  I personally see this crime more about ego than anything else, with revenge being only a secondary or tertiary motive, and money from publicity being a more likely motive than revenge per se. I also see any sexual assault as adding the the notoriety rather than as an end in itself.  But everyone has their own prioritization, and Lou Smit's is probably as good as one can hope for.  This latest episode is the kind of podcast I've been expecting since the preview episode.

One odd thing about the audio was that Rick Gardner and John Kenady not only sound similar, but speak in a similar rather unusual manner.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear that the same actor was playing both roles.  It probably actually has a lot to do with Boulder and its culture, itself a kind of American counter-culture that is becoming more and more popular.
Confronting the Hendersons is the "eighth" episode (actually nine plus teaser) of this series of podcasts.  Here again are interesting audio clips from inside this investigation as well as background information about convicted embezzler  Sandra Henderson, her ex-husband, and two stepsons.  Although it does seem a bit of a stretch to include the Hendersons, it's possible that Lou Smit did not have them listed as high-priority suspects.  The actual order of Lou's priority does not seem to be available to these investigators.

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