Fleet quotes
Fleet says. "If you don't have truth, all you have are lies, then what comes in is evil. And evil just does its thing. In the Ramsey case, it just did its thing, and it's eaten up so many people."

as the JonBenét case began to make headlines, Fleet heard wild speculations on talk radio about John Ramsey's son from a previous marriage. He called the police, demanding a press release stating what the cops and insiders knew to be true: that the young man wasn't even in Boulder when the crime occurred. He says he received an angry call from one of John's attorneys, Bryan Morgan, warning him not to interfere.

"The people running the investigation had long ago decided against filing charges in the case," the Whites wrote. "Their motivation for presenting the case to a grand jury has little or nothing to do with obtaining new evidence, grilling 'reluctant' witnesses or returning an indictment, and everything to do with sealing away facts, circumstances and evidence gathered in the investigation in a grand jury transcript."
Not a quote but Fleet WAS talking to Prendergast....
Lacy's letter wasn't about convicting the owner of the phantom DNA as much as it was about absolving John, Patsy and Burke Ramsey because their DNA didn't match the material. The declaration prompted Fleet and Priscilla White to renew their own efforts to get an apology from the DA for all the harm the Ramsey investigation had inflicted on their family. They had tried before to get Lacy to issue a public statement, confirming that they had always been considered witnesses, not suspects, and had been rebuffed. Now that the Ramseys were officially no longer suspects, they didn't want to see themselves back in the crosshairs of speculation.
After some prompting from Ritter, now the governor, Lacy wrote a terse letter to the Whites, affirming that they were regarded as "key witnesses" and not suspects. No apology was forthcoming.
The Whites can't ignore it. Not entirely. One day they were a happy family, with good friends whose little girl played with their daughter, and then the girl was dead and the friends were no longer their friends. And evil came in and did its thing.
"All we want," Fleet says, "is for the truth to come out."


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