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I shared this story with the guys at Last Podcast on the Left. They read it on their show a few months back but figured you all might enjoy it as well. Feel free to ask any related questions, but I probably wont have a bunch of answers because we were so young:
I wanted to share a few experiences and memories from my early childhood that include Jon Benet. She and I were in the same dance class at a rec center in Boulder and we became friends during that time. 
Even at that young age, she really was a top talent. I have a memory of the dance instructor flipping through a CD on the stereo, listening to each song for a few seconds before hitting next. The whole class was standing there in a way most 6-year-olds would - bored, probably picking our noses and shuffling our feet - but not Jon Benet. She would explode in to dance during those short bursts of music. Switching between tap, jazz, hip hop, and so on. I remember watching her natural skill at that moment - the way she was performing for no one and how spot on she was while doing so. I remember thinking how freaking cool and fabulous she was. 
A week or two before her death, Jon Benet, her mom, my mom, and I were chatting after class. There was some mention of how I needed new dance shoes, to which her mom said something to the effect of, "Oh, we just got a new pair for Jon Benet for her upcoming performance. Why don't you guys come over soon for a playdate and we will give you her old pair? Let's set it up for after Christmas when we get back from our trip to Michigan."  This is the trip that, of course, didn't happen because she was murdered before they left. 
Fast forward to high school. My brother and his friends used to longboard around Boulder after school. It was a group of four that day and two of them (one being my brother) knew Jon Benet during her short life. They returned to my parent's house after boarding and appeared genuinely stressed and confused by something they had seen while passing her house. 
The group was long boarding past her house, as she lived on a pretty decent hill. All four of them claim to have seen a fifth black shadow on the pavement that moved down her entire block with them, kind of positioned in the center of the group. It was there long enough that they were all talking about it, saying, "Hey - you guys see that? What is that?" They stopped at the end of the street to look around and figure out the source. The shadow slowed to a stop with them, and they all watched as it dissipated. Who knows, maybe she was playing with the kids on her street as she used to in life. 

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