on questions 911 operators are trained to ask
questions 911 operators are told to ask 
Information to Relay to Responding Officers 
 Nature of the calls, emergency or “in progress”  
Complete address, including directions  
Home phone number of the caller  
Identify the caller and relationship to the parties  
Injuries or need for an ambulance  
Weapons—what type, whose, where last seen  
Number of people at the scene, including children  
If offender is at the scene, provide a description, i.e. height, weight, clothing 
 If offender has fled, get location, direction, mode of travel, and description of vehicle 
 Presence of alcohol or drugs—what type? 
 Last time officers responded to this location and type of call  
Protection order or temporary order on file

found at http://www.markwynn.com/wp-content/uploa...stions.pdf

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