Death of Innocence
Death of Innocence
Released on March 17, 2000
Written by John and Patsy Ramsey

Excerpts from the Ramsey's book, "Death of Innocence" that related directly to the 911 call the morning of December 26, 1996 and whether their son, Burke Ramsey was sleeping or awake.

Page 11: ""There's a note downstairs." I can bearly speak. "Someone has taken JonBenet." I feel the blood rushing from my head. For a moment I feel like fainting. "She's gone!" I cry. "JonBenet is gone!" My stomach wrenches.

John tears down the stairs; he seems to be shouting, but nothing makes any sense.

"Burke! John yells. What about Burke?"

Both of us race to Burke's room at the far end of the second floor and find him apparently still sleep. Best not to arouse him until we figure out what's happening here, I think. He's better off asleep for now. I step into the hall.

John runs down the main stairs and into the back hallway. I grasp my stomach and run after him. By the time I get to him he is down on his hands and knees staring at the sheets of paper spread out on the floor in front of him. He is examining the ransom note, under the ceiling lights of the back hall."

Page 12: ""What do we do?" I stammer.
He shouts, "Call the police!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, call them!"

"Standing next to the wall phone, I instantly dial 911, and try to make the voice on the other end of the line understand. It is as if she doesn't believe what I am saying. I slam the phone back into its cradle on the wall. Got to have someone here, I think. I dial the Fernies' number. "We need help!" I scream "Please come over here!" I take another deep breath and grab the phone again from it's cradle, dialing the Whites this time. "JonBenet's missing!" I yell"

Page 201: " One of the most creatively written stories came out in August, claiming that they had obtained a copy of the taped conversation when I called 911 early in the morning of December 26, 1996, asking the police to come at once to our house. The tabloids had come up with a new twist. The National Enquirer ran a story saying that our telephone had not been hung up properly and the police had heard additional voices on the 911 tape. The tape, the story said, had been enhanced technologically to produce a message, which supposedly occurred in the hallway area near the kitchen,"

Page 202: "just after I "thought" I hung up the telephone. According to unnamed sources, the Enquirer claimed that you could now hear Burke on the tape saying, "Please, what do I do?" and John replying, "We're not speaking to you." Obviously, if this were true, then John and I had been inaccurate when we testified that we had not awaken Burke or talked with him until later in the morning. Their scenario ran along the lines that we couldn't have possibly forgotten such an important conversation. Therefore, the enhanced tapes were represent a major flaw in our explanations. We must have done something we were trying to cover up. John and I saw the story as another one of those crazy accounts the tabloids kept running on us. We knew it was probably a police leak that in time would be viewed as misinformation. As a matter of fact, an accurate account was later published in Newsweek. The magazine reported that some of the people who had hard the tape - the police - thought they heard Burke's voice, while others said no conversation was hard, even after the tape was enhanced in the lab. Why would the police have had to enhance the tape if the wall phone was off the hook? We wondered."

Page 270: " They also questioned me at some length about the 911 call and wanted to know where Burke was during this time. I told them that he had been asleep in bed until I got him up to go to Fleet White's house."

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