supposedly 9 checked tape
There have been 9 audio analyses of the 911 tape used to determine whether there are additional voices that can be recovered from garbled portions of the tape.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (Washington, DC; requested by BPD (1997).
United States Secret Service (Washington, DC); requested by BPD (1997).
Aerospace Corporation (El Segundo, California); requested by BPD (1997).
Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos, NM); requested informally by Pete Hofstrom.
Legal Audio (New York, NY); requested by MSNBC (2003).
Team Audio (Toledo, OH); requested by MSNBC (2003).
An unnamed company used by CBS.
Professional Audio Laboratories (then in Spring Valley, New York; now headquartered in Park Lawn, NJ); commissioned by Tricia Griffith, forum owner of Websleuths and Forums For Justice.
Internet poster Dave who does not perform such analyses for a living but who professes to have the requisite expertise and equipment to conduct such analyses.

according to a researcher online

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