Many have been made - I want to comment on one posted in 2015 by Generation Why.  JonBenet Ramsey case - 129

They have the layout of the basement wrong - you do NOT have to "go into several rooms' to get to the wine cellar (windowless room).   The truth is that when you leave the stairs, the door to the windowless room is directly in front of you, very easy to find.  The doors between you and the locked door would have been open and of no consequence.

At 19 minutes, they seem to suggest the Ramseys didn't answer questions for YEARS - and that is simply not true. They called 911, they answered all the questions put to them - and at 2 they were told to leave the house, to go with their friends. The police went with them, they were in the house 24/7 and while they did not formally question the parents, they were asking questions. And getting answers. It was the next day, when Mike Bynum got involved, that they finally said no more - - while they went down to give fingerprints and hair and handwriting, they were heavily medicated and simply unable to handle being interrogated by police who had already decided they were guilty. STILL, they did answer questions that came to them in writing - and the police put out press releases saying the Ramseys were cooperating. They went in for formal interviews not years later but months. Just think the podcast was a bit misleading there.

They said that 20 minutes after finding the body John was trying to arrange plane transformation for a BUSINESS trip - - not true.  The family had been told to leave the house - it was now a protected crime scene.  John's first thought was to go "home", to Atlanta, to family, to arrange the funeral and to bury JonBenét next to her sister, Beth.  

They had a "practice note" - - it was just "Mr. and Mrs. I"  - - nothing written and rewritten.
Going into the ransom note - agree it is weird.
At 29 minutes they say "all the items used in this crime" came from the house - not true. The stun gun, cord, tape, the hi-Tec prints - not link to the Ramsey house or family. The pad and pen were available to the family OR an intruder - but the handwriting doesn't match any family members.

They describe the note as having been "dropped" on the staircase as opposed to "placed on the counter or in the bedroom. Huh? The note was lined up with the pages side by side on a single step of a spiral staircase. I would describe that as being carefully placed.

Why the spiral staircase? Having spent hours in that house and having seen how cluttered the place was, I would say that was a very logical place to put it - - a busy place between the kitchen, the garage and the child's bedroom. The note was sure to be found sooner rather than later.
CNN interview - I don't believe there was any limit to the questions they could be asked other than details of how she was killed. The autopsy had not been released and authorities wanted all that kept secret.

The family gave prints, hair and all that before the trip to Atlanta - - the podcast seems to think everyone should have been kept in Atlanta until someone confessed. They are not being fair.

They say the authorities were angry/unhappy because during the CNN interview, Patsy told the residents of Boulder to hold their babies close, someone was out there. Well, with no arrest, no killer behind bars, someone WAS out there!

Even that early, the BPD was BORG and it showed.

The Ramseys did NOT refuse to take polygraphs - - quite the opposite! The Ramseys said bring them on - - and the Boulder police did nothing. (They already knew the DNA found mixed with JBR's blood in her panties was not a match and did not want to deal with a polygraph that would clear their favorite suspects.)
The dream team was hired because the BPD was already biased, it showed, it was problematic to the DA's office because they needed to know it was a FAIR investigation. It was not an effort to find a new way to reach the parents.

At 47 minutes the podcast doesn't have it right. The Ramseys did not demand to see all the evidence - they wanted to review what police had as their prior statements - - because it was already clear they had been misquoted in some of the reports. Police should have taken them in and had them sign early statements AGREEING to the content. Instead, police wrote their reports days, even weeks after they had the conversation. As a result, errors were made and later used to make out the Ramseys had lied and the police not been confused.

The window - - I have personally gone through THAT window - - abd it was not difficult. At the time I was close to 50 years old and not in the best shape. (You won't find me in a gym or on any track.)
They have the killer taking JBR to the basement - writing the note - then killing her. Lou Smit (and every other person I have ever had a serious conversation with concerning this note, even BORG) believe the note was written BEFORE she was taken from her bed.

The spider web is myth - - started out as a big web at the top - - one that would not have been broken if the grate had been picked up like a hinged lid - - ended up being the very small web at the bottem that was broken - - we know that now. CBS misrepresented it as huge and stretched across window.

They don't know what happened with the note - - Patsy read the first few sentences, realized they were saying they had JBR, went to check on JonBenet. Makes total sense. John laid the letter out on the floor - then Patsy was asked who sent the note, she looked over his shoulder and looked to see how it was signed - - SBTC. That made no sense so she backed up one line to "Victory, SBTC.

NOT Christmas bonus - - an old bonus listed on all the paycheck stubs for 10 months.

Fingerprints on the note - - both John and Patsy had just washed up - - no oils on the hands, no prints on the paper. No gloves found in home but an intruder would have taken his away.
UGH!!!! They are using Donald Foster as an expert - - he was totally discredited in this case!!!!!
On handwriting, they leave Patsy "in" - - she was damn near close to cleared. On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being a match and 5 being NO WAY, Patsy was between a 4 and a 4.5.

Think of this as scores on a test having 100 questions
1 = 100 correct or 100%
2.5 = 50 correct or 50%
4 = 20 correct or 20% (A failing grade to be sure)
4.5 = 10 correct or 10%
5 = 0 correct - - ZERO

Patsy scored somewhere between 10 and 20%.

Others scored higher - we know that from depositions.
I know from certain police reports.

It seems wrong not to explain that.
Listening to the podcast - It seems to me the two people talking believe police are honest and fair, thorough and complete. They are disregarding the FACT that at least one officer, by his own admission, believed Patsy did this and "leaked" misleading information to the media.
1 - - the pineapple was NOT in her stomach but in her small intestines.
2 - - very few experts believe she ate the pineapple minutes before death - it just takes longer.
3. Common sense - ever have a kid throw up in the night? That is the stomach emptying, not the intestines.

The parents said Burke was asleep until they woke him up to go to the Whites. He said he was awake when they checked on him, he pretended to be asleep because he had never heard his mother so upset. The scream for John may well have woke him up. All that happened within minutes of the note being found - - they found the note, called 911, checked on Burke, Patsy called friends as John got dressed and within MINUTES, the cops were at the door.

Again, there was no business trip - John wanted to go home, to family, in Atlanta where he would see his baby daughter buried next to her older sister. Nothing evil there.
AARGHHH - they say John wanted to go to a business meeting and he was planning to go to Atlanta to bury his daughter.

THey say the Ramseys might not have been comfortable staying in the house - staying at a motel was something they could afford - - but they wanted to go to a second home in Atlanta! WRONG! Their second home was in Michigan - - where they hoped to stay with the older kids later that day. In Atlanta, they would stay with family. They stayed with Patsy's parents. Friends could stay with Patsy's sisters or John's brother - - John and Patsy did not own a second or third home there.

They did NOT take a private jet to Atlanta - John didn't own a jet to start with, he had a small plane. But he didn't fly that . Lockheed Martin sent a corporate aircraft to carry JonBenet's casket, her family and their friends back to Atlanta to plan and have a funeral service.

The Ramseys fully intended to return to Boulder to help with the investigation - - and they did. Burke returned to school, John returned to work, they lived with friends and did what they could to advance the investigation. It was the POLICE who asked for then did not give the polygraphs. It was the POLICE who cancelled interviews, leaked plans for interviews and set impossible demands they knew would lose Ramsey cooperation.

I know this podcast was taped years ago, but some of these mistakes should not have been made even then.
At 1:18, they point out that the Ramseys shut out the police - - and I won't say they were friends or eager to be interrogated as Steve Thomas wanted... Hello, he wanted them tossed into solitary cells, doors slammed and left until they cracked and confessed! The fact is, and this is documented, the Ramseys always said they would sit with any member of the DA's office at any time. And that's not unreasonable - that is downright DANGEROUS because those are the prosecutors!

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