May 2020 Boulder Camera ad

Absolutely NO idea what moron paid for this ad to be published in the newspaper - or why.  No one spoke to me about it beforehand, my name is not mentioned but neither is anyone else's.  JonBenet's name is misspelled.   Dougherty is the DA, not an assistant.  Everyone is under Corona Virus Lockdown; no one is traveling or meeting to discuss this case.   

Just want to document the existence of the ad and the fact it has NOTHING to do with me.
It looks like he or she offered to solve the mystery for $3,000 and got turned down, then decided to take out an ad to convince Dougherty to accept the offer.  It could be that somebody is just looking for a free trip to Boulder to visit their relatives or something stupid like that.  It's also possible that it's the killer trying to put the story back into the news, but I doubt it.

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