Teabag question - photo #108
Photo is described in detail in evidence lists that have been sent to me.  I am looking for something special and so reviewing the descriptions and just want to document what I found for BPD photo #108.

The photo shows John Bennett Ramsey in the sun room talking to Detective Mason.  The same  photo has Priscilla in the living room and she is holding what is described as a "mug of coffee".  I don't know why the person assumed the mug contained coffee as I was told Priscilla liked to drink hot tea.      

To make hot tea, a tea bag is put in a cup or mug, boiling water is added and the tea "steeps".  Once it is strong enough for the person making it, the tea bag is removed and disposed of.  

A glass on the table in the "breakfast room" contained no liquid but DOES contain a tea bag.  One theory is that someone (possibly Priscilla) had been making tea and discarded the tea bag into the empty glass she found on the table.  I subscribe to this theory and wonder if Priscilla was asked if she did that.

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