Typical BORG twist
          PR: I was fussing around with  some clothes and glanced at her door and the door was closed. I always left it ajar a little bit. I just started downstairs -  there were these pieces of paper lying on one  of the rungs of the stairs. So I kind of turned around and  looked at it to see what it was and I started reading the first couple  lines. It just kinda wasn't registering but somewhere it said, 'we have your daughter. It clicked, you know, 'Your Daughter' and I just bounded back up the steps and threw her door open and  she was not in her bed.

BORG sees this as a lie told by Patsy - - the door was closed - - I always left it ajar a bit.    I look at this as Patsy saying the door wasn't wide open, it was close to closed, as she typically left it.  Nothing looked wrong, it was not something "off" or "odd"   But BORG said the door was completely shut and if Patsy wasn't involved in the crime she would have been freaked out then.  

BORG just went after everything the Ramseys did.

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