Do intruders kill just 1 family member?
31 Aug 2020,

A ‘SICK monster’ accused of murdering two boys with a hammer and knife allegedly crept into the children's home while their mother was asleep.

Mark Wilson, 30, who is the boyfriend of the boys’ aunt, was arrested Thursday in Melrose, Florida on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 12-year-old Robert Baker and 14-year-old Tayten Baker

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said Wilson used a hammer and a knife to take the brothers’ lives, local media News4Jax reports.

Police believed the murders took place in the early morning hours of August 26 after the kids' father, a long haul trucker, had left to drive to Georgia.

The boys’ mother found their bodies in different rooms when she woke up on Wednesday morning, authorities said.

“We believe at least one of the boys was sleeping whenever the murder occurred,” Putnam County Sheriff Gator DeLoach said.

Police said the Baker family had moved to their new home about two weeks ago to be closer to family and had allowed Wilson to live in a shed on their property.

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