Linda Arndt
    Detective Linda Arndt was one of the first on the scene and was the only LE in the house for several hours.  She had no experience with kidnappings or homicides.  She is the one that asked JR and Fleet White to search the house around 1pm when JR found the body.

After JR placed JB's body in the hallway, Linda then moved the body to under the Christmas tree.  She told reporters that she knew at that moment that John Ramsey killed his daughter.

She later sued BPD for defamation and lost.
It makes me cringe she moved to the body to the tree. John moving JonBenet is understandable. Linda should know that is police protocol 101!!! She was as guilty as anyone else for contaminating the crimescene.
From the first search warrant, dated 12/26/1996:
"Det. Arndt had been inside the residence located at 755 15th St. Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado from approximately 0800 hours until 1435 hours on December 26, 1996. "

"When Det. Arndt arrived at the Ramsey residence, persons present included: John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey, Priscilla and Fleet White (friends of the family), Barbara and John Fernie (friends of the family), the pastor from St. John's Episcopalian Church
(1400 block in Boulder), BPD officers Rick French and Barry Weiss."

"Patsy told Det. Arndt that she found a note at the bottom of the staircase leading from the first floor to the second floor." "Det. Arndt had personally viewed this note." (jameson note - She had been shown the note by another police officer before she went to the house. The actual note was not at the house being studied, that was a copy.)

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