before you join
This forum welcomes people with all kinds of theories as discussion and debate is a valuable way for all of us to brainstorm and get closer to the truth.

That being said, we do not welcome trolls and hateful people.  They will find this a very unfriendly place to be for a very limited time.

The forum is a protected forum. That means members must register via email using real name, address and phone. Each poster is responsible for following forum rules and it is expected that each will be a positive contributor, not a troll, troublemaker or poster of misinformation. All theories are welcome, makes for better discussion and debate. Bullies, however, need not apply. They won't be allowed to stay.

Screen names are encouraged. It is not always safe to share personal information online so screen names are preferred. So when registering, include the screen name you would like to use. If you have established a screen name elsewhere and want to use it on WebbSleuths, that's fine.

The forum is not a free public forum like Topix or Facebook. (It is also a place where you will not "disappear" for no good reason.) Members are expected to help pay the cost of the forum. Recommended donation is $30.00 for a one year membership. Make check out to jameson and send to
PO Box 3687
Hickory, NC. 28601

I understand some people really CAN NOT afford to help financially. Just let me know in email and we can always work something out. But I think there are few who can't afford what is asked, after all, most have a house, a phone, a computer, Internet access. (Sure you can see where I am going with this.)

Welcome to all, be nice, play fair and hope for justice for a child none of us knew but all will remember.
OK, so people are registering to join and using bogus email accounts - I send them an email and it is returned.  So time for a bit of tough love.  I am simply deleting all registrations that are not coming to me through email. 

If a poster can't figure out that they need to register by sending me their info through email, please help them.  If they still can't figure it out, or if they really want to just waste my time sending emails - - maybe they really don't have anything to contribute. 

So please, email me at to register.

Don't register here as anyone can see your info here and it won't get you instant activation anyway.  Thanks, jameson
This is a great group with great discussion. You will get the facts here and will not have to worry about the attacks like on the facebook group. This is much better location for discussion
FACEBOOK has some problems because they have had people pretending to be other people. Grudges and battles take place with one or both sides using multiple hats - - and, frankly, I am not interested in wasting my time on such juvenile fighting.

It shouldn't be this way but FACEBOOK lets the bullies run the show, they will delete accounts because they are getting complaints - - even if the person being deleted has done NOTHING WRONG! Because most of the posters there are more interested in forum drama and personal attacks on people with different views, not really the study of this cold case, a ton of those forums are so full of misinformation I don't think anything can be done to save them.

So I am hoping the discussion picks up here, that posters will contribute by bringing in transcripts, quotes from TV shows, personal notes. And I hope a few with resources might follow up on some old names, see where they are now and report on anything interesting. Mean, I do NOT have a list of CU students from 1996 but wonder how many of them ended up with a criminal record, if any are sex offenders. We have a private forum for members only if you are shy or do the research and send it to me and let me pass on to investigators or the Ramseys themselves.

Don't waste your time fighting ghost BORGs on forums with no secure footing. Go to this forum or any of the others who allow discussion and debate without the bullies getting posts deleted. Topix, City Data, there are a few. And consider this - - it's interesting to read here, and post, but could you offer more and actually help solve this? Someone out there may find the right clue. Or someone out there suspects someone of this and needed to talk to someone before they feel safe enough to step forward. We can offer the place to find someone to talk to. Your posts may hold just the right words to get someone ready to make the call. YOU may be the one they want to call. But they have to find you - - - so be visible, let your voice be heard. And let all the other forums know we are HERE.

Those serious researchers will come find a place of truth and sanity - - not forum fights - - and they will appreciate it.

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