Tom Koby
    Tom Koby was chief of the Boulder Police Department when Ramsey was found dead in 1996, and remained in that position until being replaced at the end of 1998. He was a symbol of the official investigation into Ramsey's death, and drew significant criticism of his handling of the case on a number of fronts. Some perceived him as having been tight-lipped about the investigation, for example, having given the media only scant details about its progress while simultaneously insisting that "our guy [Ramsey's murderer] won't walk." At the same time, the investigation yielded few leads, and it was later revealed that Boulder police didn't share DNA test results with the District Attorney's office immediately, further hindering any progress on the case.

Ultimately, the police officers' union cast a no-confidence vote against Koby, and Koby announced in 1997 that he'd leave the department by the end of the next year. He was replaced as police chief in June 1998 by Mark Beckner.

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