looked into windowless room
From Boulder search warrant dated 12/26/1996

"Det. Michael Everett informed Your Affiant that after the discovery of the girl's body that he walked through the basement area of the house to attempt to determine if any persons were present in the basement. In the area where Det. Arndt had told Det. Everett that the decedent had been found by her father he observed two blankets on the floor in the center of the room."

This may have caused some confusion in later discussions but a closer look at the return of the search warrant clears up the question of 2 blankets - from the search warrant return - these are the items taken into police custody...

White blanket in wine cellar (llKKY)
Pink barbie nightgown from wine cellar (12KKY)

There was only one blanket in the basement, the officer thought there may have been two but the other material was the nightgown.

NOW, I intend to play a bit of Devil's advocate in the forum so I am going to state the obvious question.....  what kind of footwear was Det. Everett wearing and if he wore Hi-Tec boots, were they examined and compared to that print left in the basement room? 

How thorough was the BPD investigation.  Enquiring minds want to know.
Good question! Wasn't Hi-tech a brand that police often wear? Could have been BPD footprint, however, for some reason I thought the prints were either under or almost directly next to where the body was (blanket). Surely, he wouldn't step that close to the blanket but who knows!

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