Who is Randy Simons?
·        Randy Simons was a free-lance photographer who was hired to take the pageant photos of JonBenet in June 1996 for her portfolio. 

·        Simons sold the portfolio in January 1997 for $7500 to a New York based agency named Sygma Photo Agency.

·        It was said by a few of the fellow pageant mothers that Simons called them late at night crying hysterically and saying he was forced to sell the pictures and he didn’t kill JonBenet.  It made them suspicious of him.

·        In October 1998, Simons was caught walking naked down the streets of his hometown of Genoa, Colorado.  When approached by LE, he said “I didn’t kill JonBenet”.  He was held at Lincoln County Jail for a psychiatric evaluation then treated at University Hospital and released.

·        It is unknown if his DNA was collected or tested.

Randy Simons: “Patsy brought more clothes than I had ever seen a parent bring. In the make-up chair, JonBenét appeared quiet and shy, not scared. She kept looking at her mother.
In the studio, I shot closeups with a cowboy hat first, then shots with flowers in her hair, which eventually adorned covers all over the world. Before noon, Patsy went out and got pizza for everyone, and then all of us went on location. I photographed the dance outfit with the polka dots next, then the harlequin dance costume. By 1:00. JonBenét was tired of wearing the tap shoes, but she never complained about the heat
or the bright sun. At the residential subdivision Ken Carly Ranch, I did the "Little house on the Prairie dress - that playful shot of JonBenét hiding behind the tree.
The half-day booking became a full day and I got tired faster than JonBenét. At the Wilson White Fence Farm in Lakewood, which has a gazebo and carousel horses, Jonbenét played peek-a-boo. She giggled and laughed. The wind began to blow so I made Patsy my assistant. She held a reflector when we did the Little Red Riding Hood photograph. By then, I'd photographed JonBenét in eleven different outfits.
She was a neat kid.
It wasn't long before the tabloids were saying that Patsy had forced JonBenét into some exrutiating shots. I never saw anything like that.
I was paid $590 for the day. Patsy gave me a tip of $45. A month later, she ordered $960 worth of hand-retouched prints”.
Randy Simons
PMPT quotes

According to Schiller - paperback page 257-9, Simons' alibi was that he was home alone in Genoa, 120 miles from Boulder, at the time of the murder. Simons had been a professional news photographer since 1970, worked for a time as an AP stringer. He had covered a few fires, decided the job was a bit too dangerous and switched to fashion and advertising photography. His second client was Kristine Griffin. It
was through the Griffins that he got the job photographing JonBenét.
In March of 1997, Detective Jeff Kithcart interviewed photographer Mark Fix. Asked about Randy Simons, Fix said no, he didn't think Simons was a good suspect - thought he was an "odd critter". He was paranoid, thought people were after him, thought the Ramseys were blaming him. He feared some paramilitary group wanted his negatives...
Deceptive, cunning but not a killer.

I recall the nudity incident. He was naked except for foot gear in an area where there was a great deal of glass debris according to the policeman who approached him. 

So even some sort of stress related breakdown linked to his fears of being a suspect or his desire for fortune was done in what was clearly an "artful" manner. 

I would consider him deceptive, manipulative but so far on the periphery of the case that he was barely under scrutiny.
Do you know if they tested his DNA?
(01-31-2017, 12:21 PM)Moop Wrote: Do you know if they tested his DNA?

From anything I have ever read the BPD didn't investigate Randy Simons thoroughly so my guess is no DNA was taken from Randy Simons OR the BPD is keeping this hidden from the public like so many other things. My question is why?  Huh
Exactly!  They really need to re-assign this case to an outside agency.   Dodgy
Wholeheartedly agree!!
He seemed like such a oddball. Wonder if his conscious eat him up for selling the pictures. Sounds like he was drunk when he was walking naked.
I wish I could be that drunk at that hour.

Seriously, the cop took particular note of the debris in the area particularly the broken glass and noticed that although otherwise stark naked, the man had suitable footgear on. This made the cop suspicious and frankly it makes me quite a bit suspicious too. He may or may not have been a good photographer but he was not so hot as a businessman and he may have been under stress for a variety of reasons, but anyone running naked, but not barefoot, amidst broken glass is sufficiently in command of his senses.

Now change the circumstances to fully naked and having cuts on the soles of his feet from running around... ah.. then you have a nut case rather than a publicity seeking man whose business is failing.

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