Who is Michael Helgoth?
        Twenty-six year old Michael Helgoth lived and worked at a junkyard in Boulder owned by his family.  His coworker, John Kenady, reported him to the police because he believes Helgoth killed JB.
·        Kenady said Helgoth was bragging in November/December 1996 that he and an associate would be making a deal and bringing in $50,000 to $60,000 around Christmas time.

·        Kenady said Helgoth was a scary individual who killed animals and talked of wanting to bash someone’s skull in.

·        Helgoth was known to dress in all black like a ninja and creep around people’s houses at night and just watch them.

·        On February 14th, 1997, a day after DA Alex Hunter announced to the public that “the list of suspects narrows.  Soon there will be no one on the list but you”. 

·        Helgoth was found dead in his bed from a gunshot wound to his side.  The police declared it a suicide, but he was shot on the left side while the gun was found on his right side, and he had been shot through a pillow.

·        It appeared to be a murder and could have been his associate trying to silence him.

·        Next to his bed was a stun gun and a pair of Hi-Tech boots.

·        His ex-girlfriend said she once found him naked in bed with her 4 year old daughter.

·        He owned 2 wolf dogs whose fur was said to match the 2 different colored animal hairs found on JB's body.

·        Helgoth’s DNA was not a match, but it could belong to his unknown associate.
I have a queston and it may be stupid but I learned that Michael Helgoths DNA sample was taken postmortem. Did they get it directly from the body and if they did wouldn't it be somewhat degraded?

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