Important info in "We have your daughter "
Similarities between the JonBenet Ransom note and movies~

Ramsey Ransom note~

Mr Ramsey,

Listen carefully!!

Dirty Harry

"Now listen to me carefully. Listen very carefully.

"Now Listen.

Ramsey Ransom note~

If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies.

Dirty Harry
" IF you talk to anyone, I dont care if its a pekingese pissing against a lamppost, the girl dies."

Ramsey Ransom note
The delivery will be exhausting so advice to be rested.

Dirty Harry "It sounds like you had a good rest. You'll need it..

The person who wrote the ransom note to John RAmsey about JonBenet warned him for times what to do to get his daughter back or "She dies" The killer in the movie Dirty Harry warns what to do three times or the "girl dies"

Another movie, speed, involves a bus filled with passengers that been rigged with a bomb. The man is requesting money says the bus will explode if it slows to less than 50 miles per hour.

Ramsey ransom note
Dont try to grow a brain John.

Speed: Do not attempt to grow a brain.

A third move compared to the Ransom note, Nick of Time. He is told he is being constantly watched and supervised by once of the kidnappers.

Ramsey Ransom notes

Speaking to anyone about your situation, such as police, FBI, etc will result in your daughter being beheaded..

Nick of time

"You talk to a cop, you even look at a cop too long and your daughters dead.. I'll kill her myself. Cut the head off right in front of you.

Ramsey Ransom note

You and your family are under constant scunity and well as the authorities.

Nick of time

Dont forget. Ill be watching you.

Ramsey ransom note

Listen carefully!!

Nick of time

"I need you to listen to me carefully. Three lives depend on it.. very carefully...

The fourth movie compared to the Ramsey ransom note is ruthless people.

Ramsey Ransom Note

Listen carefully!

Ruthless people

Listen very carefully!!

Ramsey Ransom Note~~

You and your family are understand scunity as well as the authorities.

Ruthless people
"You will be watched all phases of the execution.

The movie Ramsey was showed in Boulder at the time of JonBenet's murder.

BPD checked numerous video stores to see if John and PAtsy had rented any movies with kidnapping themes. They hadnt as far as the investigators were determine. The couple also told police they didnt go out to watch movies.

Experts say 118,000 is a peculiar amount of money to request for a ransom note.

The amount in the Ramsey ransom note is also close to the amount JR received from a deferred compensation bonus from his employer that year. But it wasnt exact. Johns bonus was slightly more then 118,000. It was 118,117.50

John kept this pay stubs in his unlocked desk at home, where a stranger could have found them. Almost immediately after investigators working for the Ramseys told two BPD detectives about the bonus ans pay stubs. This information, including payment amounts was leaked to the media...

What wasnt reported publicly were ties that linked the ransom request with two former employess of Access graphics.

The BPD states that one employees told the police that it was a odd coincidence that 118,000 happens to be the amount of the difference between what we W.2 as a result of what we felt we gave up in the settlement and the promissory note, the unpaid note, the promissory note. And its such a obtuse connection, but since you asked, 118,000(pertaining to a settlement: re: the ex employee who stole money from Access graphics.

The controller of Access Graphics at the time stated about the same former employee that the person has been involved in a fraud for approximately that amount.

And a second employee stated "Its either the bonus or also a number close dto the calim that the ex employee made against the company.


Another rumor about the ransom note concered the phase "Use that good southern common sense of yours.

Info was circulated that this was an "Insider" phase that JR and PR used. It was rumored that this was a family joke because John was not southerner and patsy teased him about it..Family friends as well as Patsy and john said the couple never or talked about whether or not john was a southerner. it wasnt a issue.
Regarding cooperation between John and Patsy.. the first few days.

Mike Bynum viewed the developments in the immediate days that followed as the lawyer he was. In spite of consistent rumors floated in the media that the Ramseys were not cooperating. Bynum knew both Patsy and John had been interviewed or observed every day since that first morning and would be until they left Sunday afternoon for JonBenet's funeral in Alanta.

"After that first day, I could tell they were being targeted by police. Said Bynum. That was why it was so important to get attonreys for them immediately.

"John had a great difficulty in understanding why I hired attoneys for them" said Bynum. "He was a law and order supporter. He trusted the police would do what was right and just. I explained to him theres a way that allowed you to cooperate and allowed you to protect your family and help the police. And thats what were doing by hiring attorneys.

Johns reaction was "Why do we need attorneys".
We all know early in the investigation , the media reported the Ramseys didnt talk AT ALL./

That is not true.

If reporters had been able to check police records, they would have found the following:

*December 26th Morning: The officers and two detectives on the scene interviewed Patsy and John periodically and observed them constantly while they were in the Ramsey home. Their interviews were not taped that morning , because the only tape recorder that detectives had was attached to the home phone in anticipation of the expected ransom call. Officer french, Sergeant Reichenbach, Detective Patterson, .Detective Arndt and Commander Sergeant Whitson all confirmed in their police reports that they spoke with and observed the Ramseys while in the home that day.

Thursday Dec 26th, mid morning: Detective Patterson also interviewed Burke Ramsey, at a friends home, where he had been taken. Burkes word were recorded. Most major PD have a child expert on a stand by in case a child needs to be interviewed. The BPD however did not. Whether such an interviewed is conducted by a child expert or not, the Child usually needs to be interviewed ASAP because of memory issues. Burkes interviewed that day was conducted by BPD detective Patterson without his parents permission. Yet detective patterson interviewed and written report listed someone unrelated to the Ramsey family as Burkes grandmother, which was not true. It is not known if Patterson had specifically directed this person to pretend she was Burkes Grandma when she was not or why this was done.

Patterson asked Burke about discipline in his family.

"John and Patsy Ramsey disciplined each of their children by talking to them. Burke said there had been no family arguments prior, to nor on 12-25.

Thursday, Dec 26th, Early afternoon. After JonBenets body was found, the BPD continued to observe and write reports on the Family/ The hours immediately following the discovery of JonBenet's body represented the most critical time for the police to gather further information, interview or interrogate since the Ramseys did not obtain lawyers. John recalls : AT this point, we didnt know what else to do but leave our home and go stay with our friends. Were given no direction by PD other than that our home was a crime scene and no one could go back inside...

12-26 afternoon and overnight and friday. Dec 27th all day: The observation of the family's behavior had never stopped. Police guarded the Ramseys and wrote reports on their behavior and comments. They also spoke with friends of the Ramseys while observing the family...

12-27 afternoon. John asked if BPD supervisor Mason would come and talk with him. Mason and arndt arrived and interviewed John. Patsy , according to her doctor was too medicated to participated. The two officers remained on site for approx 40 minutes. Other BPD officers stationed in shifts at the home continued observing the family and writing reports.

Sat 12-28 all day. Officers stationed in the home observed the family and wrote reports. That afternoon two detectives interviewed and got basic info for John, Patsy, John Andrew, Melinda and Burke as they collected DNA . Everything that a member of the Ramsey family said and did was written in police reports and recordered each session lasted about 15th minutes. The Ramseys agreed to extensive interviews as their friends home but the doctors felt patsy was too ill to go to the BPD for a sustained interview/interrogation. BPD commander Eller refused to interview the Ramseys at the home where they were staying. This was another move which many experts disagreed. Interview them anywhere you have a chance to. Lou smit has said. Get information as much as you can.

12-28. Melinda and JAR were interviewed for approx two hours each that saturday after DNA testing. Their interviews were recorded Arndt conducted a short interview with and took handwriting samples from John, Patsy and Burke at the home where they were staying with friends.

12-29. Police remained with the Ramseys constantly until the family left for Alatnta. During this time, officers continued to observe behavior, gather information and write reports related to the Ramseys without the family attorneys present.

Despite that many times the Ramseys were indeed interviewed by BPD in the first days of the investigation, on Monday 12-30 BPD spokeswomen Lesile Aaholm stated for the media "Police have not interviewed JonBenet;s Parents, That was simply not true./

The media continued to say Patsy did not give any DNA or handwriting samples. Patsy had given DNA, handwriting samples and short interviews on 12-28.

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