Info about Alex Hunters life as a DA
Alexander M. Hunter (DA 1973-2001)

Alexander M. Hunter (1936-Living)

Twentieth Judicial District, 1973-2001

Alexander M. Hunter was District Attorney for more than a quarter century, longer than any of his predecessors.  He was the face of law enforcement in Boulder County from 1973–2001, turbulent years filled with tremendous change.
During his long tenure as District Attorney, Hunter and his staff successfully prosecuted a number of high-profile homicide cases.  Further, prosecutions of domestic abuse and sexual assault cases were strengthened during his time in office.
Hunter created the Consumer Protection Unit in the District Attorney’s Office, which provided a vehicle to investigate, mediate and, when necessary, prosecute consumer fraud.
Alex Hunter was also a strong supporter of victims’ rights.  One of his most innovative accomplishments was the creation of the Victim Witness Unit, the first unit of its kind in Colorado and one of the first in the nation.  Victim/Witness provides crime victims with advocates who offer emotional support and information about their cases, and help guide them through the court process.

1972: Alex Hunter makes a bid for DA, promising to be "a district attorney in the courtroom."
1972: By a slim 650-vote margin, Hunter is elected DA.
1974: After a series of real estate investments flounder, Hunter declares bankruptcy.
1976: Hunter becomes first DA in Colorado to compensate crime victims.
1977: Hunter institutes a no-plea-bargain policy in his office.
1978: With court dockets full and public defenders irate about workload, Hunter abandons the no-plea-bargain policy.
1983: Denver Post investigation reveals that cocaine dealers convicted in Boulder do less jail time than those convicted elsewhere in the area.
1984: Hunter faces a rare challenge in his re-election bid, from attorney Lee Hawke. Hunter defeats Hawke by a 3-to-1 margin.
1996: JonBenet Ramsey's body is found in the basement of her parents' home.
1999: Hunter announces that after a 13-month grand jury investigation, no one will be indicted for JonBenet's killing.
2000: Hunter announces his retirement.
All DAs run a difficult line in settling versus taking it to trial.
The ADAs are limited, courtrooms are limited, judges are limited... its hard to follow any fixed policy.
Judges set the sentences often based on recommendations but such recommendations are just that: recommended sentences. 

Judges like to keep a calendar moving and often hearing motions all day long is not particularly thrilling.

Yet DAs are also politicians who must run for re-election.

Boulder was a small city known as The People's Republic of Boulder and often the newspapers dealt with such momentous issues as whether a resident of Boulder was more properly referred to as a Bouldarian or as a Boulderite.
Crime? Parking tickets, DUIs, Frat Parties, Beer Riots. Crime?

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