Tid Bits about Gary Oliva
2001-05-21: Smit Offers 'SUSPECT' List In JonBenet Slaying (Rocky Mountain News)

"A man who showed up at a memorial service for JonBenet a year after her death. The man has a criminal history, including the sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl in Oregon, Gray said. Records indicate the man once tried to strangle his mother with a telephone cord. Around the time of the murder, he was getting food and picking up mail at a church near the Ramsey home. When arrested on an unrelated charge in December, officials found a stun gun and a poem about JonBenet in his backpack. Gray said Boulder police may be conducting DNA analysis on the man."

2001-12-00: Ghost of Christmas Past (http://www.boulderweekly.com)
Obsessed reporter reveals dark under world behind Ramsey case

"Eventually, the disturbed man found his way to Boulder and fell under suspicion after Boulder police learned he had broken into a building at CU. Looking through the transient's backpack, police found a stun gun and a poem he'd written about JonBenet and Susannah Chase.

Eventually, I learned that Aquinas and I had crossed paths at JonBenet's home during a one-year anniversary vigil for the girl. Photographs taken by private investigators working for the Ramseys revealed that Aquinas was in the front row, holding a folder sealed tightly with a strip of smooth, black duct tape. Authorities seem to have lost track of Aquinas, and at least one private investigator working on the case says he'd love to find the man."


2002-10-05: Taped interviews released by parents of slain 6-year-old - http://www.bouldernews.com/ 

"The Ramseys told "48 Hours" that police have repeatedly ignored many promising leads in the case, including the investigation into Gary Oliva — a 38-year-old Oregon man currently in Boulder County Jail. Oliva, a convicted sex offender awaiting extradition back to Oregon for parole violation, told a friend he had hurt a child around the time of JonBenet's death and also could be placed near the crime scene the night of the murder, according to the TV show.

Lou Smit, a homicide investigator from Colorado Springs who once worked for Boulder prosecutors on the Ramsey case, said he thinks an intruder killed the girl, and in the program Smit pointed his finger at Oliva. He said the fact that Oliva had a stun gun, a weapon Smit said was used on JonBenet the night she was killed, is a telling clue.

In a jailhouse interview with "48 Hours," Oliva denied that he had killed JonBenet, but he said she came to him in a vision after her death.

Beckner said Oliva was a suspect and had not been cleared by police.

"We haven't cleared anyone per se. Before you solve the case, you can't say anyone has been cleared," he said. "I think we've been very careful at not doing that at all."

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