chronological dates, times ETC listed in "We have your daughter"
I wanted to started a thread for the specific chronological  dates, times etc listed in this book.. Paula did a wonderful job documentating this! Good info to have!

(this will be updated as I get to it in the book)


December 26,1996

5:52 am ~~ Patsy calls 911
6:00 am ~~First officer, Rick French arrives at the Ramsey home.
6:01 am ~~ Friend of the family arrives at the Ramsey home. The records never mention his wife arrival, but she appears a short while later.
6:02 am ~~Second officer, Sergeant Paul Reichenbach arrives at the home.
6:10 am and 6:20 am~~ More friends arrive after being called by Patsy. Two arrival times are listed for them in the police records.
6:10 and 6:16 am~~ Third officer, Karl Veitch arrives t the scene. Two arrival times are listed in the police records.
6:30 am~ First Victim Advocate arrives.
6:30 am and 7:00 am~~ Second Victim Advocate arrives, two arrival times noted.
6:40 am and 6:56 am~~ Fourth officer, Barry Weiss, arives. Two arrival times noted.
7:00 am and 7:10 am~~ Fifth officer, Sue Barklow, arrives Two arrival times noted
7:00 am~~ JonBenets brother, Burke is roused from his bed by his father and a friend and taken to a family friends home.
7:13 am~~ The Ramseys minster arrives.
8:10 am and 8:11 am, 8:30 am~~ Two detectives, Fred Patterson and Linda Arndt arrive. It is two hours and 18minutes two hours and19 minutes or two hours and 38 minutes after the 911 call. By protocol, the detectives are in charge of the scene.
9:15 am~~ Commander Sergeant Bob Whitson arrives
9:45 am~~ Whitson and one of the detectives leave
10:00 am~~ All officers expect Detective Ardnt leave the home. Nine civilians remain. JonBenet is still missing..

The wife of one of the Ramseys friend was never listed in the entry/exit log. The friend had been the first civilian to arrive, reportedly at 6:01 am. There is no indication in the log that his wife arrived, but she was in the Ramsey home early morning. Several witness statements were taken from her about being in the home, and she others have verified she was there.   
December 26th,1996.. Thursday
1:00 pm~~Detective Arndt suggests John Ramsey and his friend search the home to see if anything was out of order.

1:06 pm~~ (Approximate time) John finds his daughter's body in an old basement storage room.

1:30 pm~ (approximate time) John's children from his first marriage (son, John Andrew and daughter, Melinda. .as well as Melinda's boyfriend) arrive in Boulder after flying to Denver International Airport from Minneapolis

1:30- 2:00 Pm (approximate time) The Ramseys leave their home and go to a friends home to stay. The police have interviewed and dont ask to continue to interview them. Nor do they take the family to the police department for interviewes, forensic phyiscla examinations and DNA testing.

Early evening and that night~~ Johns brother, Jeff family friends and Patsys sisters arrive at the airport in Denver from Alanta.

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