Steve Thomas' book and a bit more
Quote: From Steve Thomas' book

"In a dirty interview cubicle at the Denver County Jail, we interrogated Sandra Henderson. She and her ex-husband, Bud, had run their own technology business, and Sandra once embezzled from Access Graphics. They were each $18,000 in debt to Access-a 1 away from the ransom amount and close enough for a look. She was in a Department of Corrections halfway house the night JonBenet was killed, and Bud Henderson was at home, alone and asleep."

More information -

Sandra henderson was at the Independence Halfway House during Christmas morning.  Between 1 and 7 she was at her daughter and son-in-law's house and she signed back in to the Halfway house between 8 and 9 pm Christmas night.

Bud Henderson told police he was home alone all day and night and never left his appartment.

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