Suzanne Savage
2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence” written by John and Patsy Ramsey

DOI Page 82

"I took my first chemo treatment at National Institute of Health on July 27, 1993. I had just gotten plugged in to everything in the intensive care unit with the phone rang in my small room. Susanne Savage, our baby-sitter from Colorado, who was taking care of Burke and JonBenet at my parents', was calling to say that my sister Polly had gone into premature labor that morning and delivered a baby boy. He was in intensive care at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia, but would soon be transferred to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital for observation."


DOI Page 85

"My mother or John usually made the trips to Maryland with me, while Susanne Savage helped with the children"


DOI Page 218

"The Good Shepherd program is a classroom situation set up in the Montessori style of learning, with different centers placed around the room for insight and developmental experiences. For example, in one section is a little table to teach children about the Last Supper of Christ. In addition to a chalice, little figures can be placed around the table as the children learn the meaning of this event while the leader tells them the story of what happened on Maundy Thursday. Another area in the atrium has a baptismal font where children learn about their entry in the Christian life.

In the beginning, Patsy hung JonBenet and Burke's christening gown on one of the walls near the baptismal font. Our former baby-sitter, Suzanne Savage, and her parents carved and hand painted many of the little wooden figures used in the teaching, and Father Rol made a large wooden map of Jerusalem. Another man in our church built little work tables as well as a beautiful replica of our altar with everything child size. As I saw what they were learning, I thought, Boy, I would like to take this class myself!"

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