Suzanne Savage
2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 45

"In-depth interviews were held with three important figures-former nanny Suzanne Savage, Ramsey's personal pilot Mike Archuleta, and the housekeeper, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh.

Savage, a religious person who had spent eighteen months on a mission for her church, had no idea that she was among the first people the Ramseys had mentioned as a possible murder suspect. She had worked as a nanny and done some light housekeeping for the family from 1992 until 1994, when the children were small, but had not worked there full-time for three years.

Savage told police that she seldom stayed overnight at the Ramsey home but had occasionally slept in JonBenet's bed and still had a house key. The Ramseys, she said, were very careful about locking their doors.

JonBenet usually slept with her door open in those days, said the nanny. This contrasted with Patsy's earlier statements that the door had been closed when she reached the room and found it empty the previous morning.

Savage had only complimentary things to say about the Ramseys and the kids. You could make Burke behave by telling him no, she said, but sometimes JonBenet had to be given a "time-out" for doing things such as stomping on Burke's Lego creations. JonBenet enjoyed riding her bike and loved cats and dogs and having people read to her. The little

ST Page 46

girl also liked to play and paint pictures in the basement, and Patsy had recently taken a class and was painting in oils.

Savage was puzzled about where the body had been hidden. The former nanny had been in the basement many times and said that someone would have to know the house well just to find the little room."


ST Page 91

"Nedra was a sad sight, With her head tilted listlessly to the side, her bathrobe hanging open, and both hands gnarled by arthritis, but she spoke almost without pause, giving us a mass of information that we would dig through for months.

She was swift to defend John Ramsey for assembling his own team of lawyers and investigators. "It's not that you folks in Boulder aren't doing a good job and can't resolve this," she said. "But it's my understanding that. . . there's never been a kidnapping in Boulder, so if you've never been on a kidnapping before, you need great minds who have done this before."

She agreed with Mervin Pugh, Suzanne Savage, and John Andrew Ramsey in thinking that no stranger could have navigated that maze of a house. "You couldn't find the basement in that house if you didn't know where it was. You know it was down, but which door would you go through to find it? There's a lot of doors that look like a basement door in that house."

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