John did it, Patsy helped cover
Cyril Wecht's quickie book offers some insights but doesn't name a name
Sunday, September 06, 1998 - exerpts from a review by Robert Dvorchak, Post-Gazette Staff Writer
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Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey?

By Cyril Wecht and Charles Bosworth Jr.

"... the last line of the text is also the title of the book."

"... the shortcomings have more to do with being an instant book when all the facts are not yet known. On the whole, it's a well told but disturbing story that yields enough to form an opinion, a step back that provides perspective and analysis.
Yes, the cops erred and compromised the crime scene. Yes, the district attorney and the police could have worked together better. Yes, the parents didn't act like people who wanted the killer found when they hired separate attorneys and failed to give statements to police for 126 days. Yes, some pertinent information comes from the Globe supermarket tabloid, which set the tone for the coverage by publishing some autopsy photos of the little girl who was strangled and then had her skull fractured."

"The best features are the insights from Wecht, a forensic expert with a law degree. He is a man who never met a TV camera he didn't like, a man who never had an opinion he didn't share and a man who carries his own local political baggage.
Yet it is fascinating to see how his mind works, how he forms opinions, when given an autopsy report.
One of Wecht's favorite quotes comes from Sherlock Holmes: "Once you eliminate the impossible, what remains - no matter how improbable - must be the answer."
He eliminates the intruder, the pedophile and the kidnapper, concluding that the kidnap note written on paper from the Ramsey house is bogus. And if you really want to know what Wecht thinks, here's what he told the Post-Gazette's Seen column when asked who killed JonBenet:
"I believe most probably John Ramsey, the father, inadvertently, unintentionally. There is nothing premeditated or deliberate in this killing," Wecht said.
"It was a game being played with sexual overtones. The wife wrote the note, that's certain, and the whole thing was staged to make it appear it was an outside intruder.""
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Thought we were going to be able to find out who murdered Jonbenet! Save your money..... It's nothing but leftovers from newspaper and magazine articles. All you need to know is the last paragraph...the book asks the same question, "Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey"?

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