September 2016 announcement
On September 1st, I deposited $2,000 dollars into an account designated "JBR SPECIAL ACCOUNT". I intend to give that money to the person who can positively identify the source of the DNA co-mingled with JonBenét's blood and found on her clothing and later on her long johns using touch-DNA studies.
There has been no reward offered in this case in a long time and I am hoping that with all the anniversary programs coming out, someone will finally give up the identity of her killer. Maybe this offer to pay for information will encourage that person to come forward.
I don't care if the person is living or dead, doesn't matter if he is ever convicted of any crime. The money will be paid to the person who submits matching DNA to LE and identifies the source. The tipster must identity the source of that DNA, name the person, expose that person, to me, John Ramsey, the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder DA's office.
Simple as that. If LE says it is a match, the funds will go to the person who sent in information leading to that match being made.
(Note, if you sent in the name and didn't make a case strong enough for LE to make the comparison, you get nothing, nada, zip. That means if you believe you know who did this, you have to do more than send in a name -- you have to make a case against that person that is reasonable and persuasive. That should stop silly claims for a reward not deserved.)
This is my personal money that is making up the "reward" and I will be the only one deciding who gets it.
If no one comes forward and provides a match for the DNA, this offer will cease to exist on December 31st, 2017. That means people have 16 months to come forward and claim the money.
(Note: legally, this is not a "reward" since I am not filing certain legal papers making it "official". But the money is there and I promise it will be given up to the person who exposes the source of that DNA.)

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