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I worked at Access with Jane, as well. She all but admits to being a disgruntled ex-employee. The entire premise of the book is her fantasy of what happened, with no supporting facts. I'm in awe that she is legally able to portay these fantasies in such a way that they appear to be "inside information" or in any way based in fact! I am truly sorry if Jane suffered the kind of childhood she details in this book, but it doesn't excuse manipulating the details of a crime she knows no more about than the rest of us, or exploiting a tragedy to seek personal vengeance. She was never a fan of the Ramseys, and always quick to spread any gossip. It's scary to see it becoming a career! Check your facts, folks, and save your money...
How surprised I was to see reviews by other former Access Graphics employees! We all got along real well except for Jane Moler (now back to her maiden name because hubby dumped her) and she was a conniving, deceitful, dishonest person then. She hasn't gotten any better since. John Ramsey brought Jon Benet into the office more than once and I don't believe she ever spent any time with the author or any of the other employees and she certainly didn't single Jane out as a psychic consultant. Jane would be "lucky" to have ever even spoken to the kid. I decided to read the book just to see what the author might have to say about the murder that the rest of us might not be privy to and I found it disgusting. Jane Moler has no more direct connections to those "in the know" about the crime than the rest of us. She fantasized her "facts" just as she fantasizes her ability to be a psychic medium. Lots of people have the ability to make things up and make them sound real and Jane is one of those people. She always was rather "out there" and sure wasn't a productive member of the Access Graphics staff. Some others who have reviewed the book say they don't like the Ramseys' yet they praise the author. How can people be so gullible? You don't know the author any more than you know the Ramseys yet you choose to believe her.....does that make sense? That's what's wrong with this country...there are too many sheep looking for answers from crackpots like Jane Moler. Jon Benet certainly wouldn't have zeroed in on this "woman" to channel for her out of all the people she met in her short lifetime. Jane was just another nameless face like the rest of Access Graphics' employees. Get over yourself Jane, you just ain't that special.
Wow!! Talk about nightmare ex employee.

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