Steve Thomas' PDI theory
Detective Steve Thomas has a checkered past concerning this case.  He leaked misinformation to the media, promoted his theory and, IMO, derailed the investigation with his actions.  But that's a whole other discussion.  He led the BORG, was their leader, source of inspiration and hero for a very long time.  On Larry King Live, he accused Patsy to her face - and this is his theory. 

Just thought this thread should start with his.  Certain others will follow.

From Larry King Live:

KING: What do you think happened?
THOMAS: I think there was a toiletting issue that night that has been dismissed and underplayed.
KING: OK, toiletting -- explain.
THOMAS: A bed-wetting or a toiletting issue.
KING: That caused Patsy to get mad at her daughter.
THOMAS: Absolutely.
KING: And say slap her, or hit her, or punish her?
THOMAS: I don't know. I'm suggesting that there was an explosive encounter, because at one point put the child in clothes, a red turtleneck, for example, not the same clothing she was found in deceased, the following day. I think something happened in that bathroom.
KING: All right. Why would it lead then to garroting and hitting on the head: What would lead to that?
THOMAS: I don't know. What can you imagine would led to garroting or hitting on the head?
P. RAMSEY: What can you imagine? I can't imagine. I want to you look at me and tell me what you think happened.
THOMAS: Actually, I'll look you right in the eye. I think you're good for this. I think that's what the evidence suggests.
P. RAMSEY: Steve Thomas, you are so...
KING: So in other words, she killed her daughter in a rage over the bed wetting and then garroted her.

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