From Steve Thomas' notes

13:00 - ??? Officer French starts to write his report on the Ramseys. When the body is found, he immediately returns to the Ramsey house and gets back to his report at 22:54 according to the Woodward book.

13:04 - The child's body was located.

13:04 - Officer Barry Weiss, Sgt. Dave Kicera were dispatched back to the residence because the child's body had been located.

13:05 - Det. Arndt saw Fleet White run from the area of the basement door to the den

13:12 - Det. Arndt grabbed a cellular phone in the kitchen and dialed 911 and reached dispatcher Santiago

13:15 - Det. Arndt received a page from communications

13:20-13:25 - Officer Barry Weiss arrived at the Ramsey residence

13:22 - Officer Alaric Morgan relayed Officer French from the BPD to the scene at 755 15th Street

13:29 - Det. Arndt received a page stating her call was received by Weld County

13:40 - Det. Bill Palmer overheard John Ramsey making arrangements to fly to Atlanta over the phone.

13:40 - Det. Michael Everett returns to the scene as lead crime scene investigator

13:45 - Officer French leaves the residence for the second time and Officer Weiss and Shunk are securing the front and back of the house.

(I am not skipping a bunch of entries - - they just aren't there. There is no complete record in this timeline of who was coming and going, who was at the house, when they were leavng, what they were doing. We know from Robert Whitson's book that he was at the house soon after the body was found, when the family and friends were in the living room with the body, Patsy standing, holding her daughter, wailing. The timeline is talking about 40 minutes later, Palmer hearing John on the phone. Clearly a LOT is missing. Just don't want anyone to think I skipped info - - it was not included.)
18:50 Officer Scott Adams relieved Officer Morgan who was staying with the Ramseys.

19:11 Officer Morgan leaves the Ramseys
19:11 Officer Scott Adams arrives and stays with the Ramseys

19:25 - 19:40 - John Ramey takes a walk with John Fernie and Dr. Beuff.

19:50 - John Ramsey says, "I/m sorry. I'm so sorry." while sobbing

21:00 - John Ramsey laid down with Patsy
21:15 - John Ramsey left to go to DIA to pick up his brother from Atlanta.

???? Don't know what time - Reichenbach turns in a one paragraph long report. On the next day he files an amended report according to the Woodward book.

21:20 - Officer Scott Adams briefed Commander Eller

22:25 - Patsy got up and asked where her husband was and where her son was. She then sobbed. "Why did they do this? Why did they do this?" She asked for valium.

22:48 - Patsy's sisters and brother-in-law arrive at the house.

(No time given) Patsy Ramsey emerged from the east bedroom at 1950 Teacup.
Going to spend a bit more time - - some information in the next couple pages make it clear the Ramseys were not being protected but suspected. Their police monitors were writing down what they said and did - - some think that was not true but here is some evidence it was.

00:01 - John Ramsey returned from the airport
00:05 - Both Patsy and John get valium
00:20 - John and Patsy Ramsey fall asleep on the living room floor

1:50 - Patsy gets up and asks if someone is with her son, Burke. She also asked for more pills and says I just want to stay asleep. She also asks if all the doors and windows are locked. She is drowsy and drugged.

2:00 Patsy gets up to go to the bathroom. She is drowsy and dazed. Sobs every once in a while. At times needs to be supported.

2:35 - Patsy Ramsey goes back to bed.

2:40 - John Ramsey gets up and asks for two pills and walks around crying.

2:45 - John Ramsey goes back to bed.

2:50 - John Ramsey is back up, crying and sobbing at times.

3:50 - Officer Barklow relieved Officer Scott Adams

3:50 - Officer Barklow arrives and is briefed

4:05 - Officer Adams clears scene

4:15 - Officer Adams briefed Reichenbach
"Thomas depo 28 - 24/7 surveillance"

Q. Did you ever review reports of the officers that were with John and Patsy Ramsey on a 24-seven
basis from the time of the discovery of JonBenet's murder up until the time they left to go to Atlanta for
her burial? Did those officers provide the department with reports?

A. At least some did, yes.
Q. Did those reports contain discussions of the Ramseys' actions, conduct, and just conversations?
A. Yes.
Q. Those officers were there not only to possibly protect the Ramseys; they were there clearly also
to have the Ramseys under 24-seven surveillance to ascertain what they might say that might be
incriminatory, right?
A. Some of that; most of it was prior to my involvement in the case so I don't know what their
instruction was.
Q. What do you believe from your review of the records in terms of the reports that these officers
A. Certainly 24-seven security but these officers weren't going to ignore any statements or
comments by anyone that may be incriminating.
Q. These officers weren't sitting outside the door guarding the house. They were literally, as you
know from the reports, they were right there in the room with the Ramseys, right next to them
24-seven, weren't they?
A. I believe so.
Q. Which points a little bit more towards surveillance than guarding them, doesn't it, sir?
A. In your mind maybe; I don't know, I wasn't there.
Q. What about in your mind when you reviewed the reports particularly since you had the benefit of
the substance of what these officers were saying?
A. As I said, it's my belief that they were there 24-seven as security but also they certainly weren't
going to ignore any statements. You might ask John Eller about that.
Q. Well, if I have the opportunity he and a lot of others I would ask. You don't know who ordered
the guards 24-seven, do you, or the surveillance 24-seven, whichever the case may be, or some
combination of it?
A. I think John Eller.
Q. And from your review of the reports, do you have a recollection of seeing anything unusual about
the family's comments or conduct from these 24-seven police officers who were filing reports about
A. Yes, I remember they included in their narrative verbatim quotes made by the Ramseys and
Q. Do you recall any of those quotes?
A. I remember, I think it was in Chromiak's report about Patsy and her sisters praying, in another
report Patsy making a comment that she didn't want to live anymore, didn't have a reason to live
anymore. The comings and goings of the Ramseys, just a general recollection along those lines.
Q. Nothing in that that I'm hearing that sounds incriminatory, wouldn't you agree?
A. Again, without reviewing the reports, that's what comes to me off the top of my mind.
Q. Let me ask you about that. How many cases have you been involved in where you were
analyzing the demeanor and conduct of parents who had a child found murdered in their home; what
was your experience in that type of a case?
A. None.
Q. Do you have any experience, formal training, in how psychologically or otherwise one expects a
parent to grieve when a child has been murdered?
A. No.
A quote from Patsy describing a few minutes of that terrible day. This is in the Paula Woodward book. Patsy is listening to John scream as he finds their daughter's body.

"It was kind of this hoarse, deep scream. I was in the den with a couple of our friends. They held me back and wouldn't let me go. Eternity passed and John came in. I knew from his face. I can't describe how he looked, but it was in his face nd his walk and his eyes. He told me she was dead. I thought I ran into the room where she was, but friends tell me they had to support me to even walk into the living room to see my baby girl."

It was later reported that one of those friends told police they "thought it was strange that Patsy did not move" when the body was found. BPD report #1-114. I would like to know who said that and how long after December 26th the report was made, or revised.

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