the flavor of the book is just rotten
A quote from the book - just so you can see the "flavor" of the writing.  (Personally, I'd rather barf than read that garbage.  This is one series I will not have in my collection.  It really is sick.)

Six year old JonBenet was lying in the dark, dead as a doll. Rigor mortis began to clutch at her limbs and discolor them. The most beautiful of children in life, terrifyingly the coin had spun the other way. The little blond princess was dead... [The] unseen, unheard, disregarded broken child on the floor was a reminder: though we are gods, we are also worms and food for worms.
Apparently Burke was jealous because JonBenet got a bike so he killed her.
And then there is this line, "Burke — he’ll never be a Miss America."

I won't be reading this series and likely won't comment further but those who read the books and like them should feel free to make comments. Or if you read them and don't like what they have to say... comment but if you must puke, clean up after yourself. Wink
Truth is, Burke, Patsy AND JonBenet all got bikes that Christmas. John revealed that in an interview the authors chose to ignore. (typical BORG)

I will NOT be wasting time reading this one - saw enough in the preview to know it is nasty and WRONG, loads of misinformation and misleading crap. Really not worth anyone's dime or time.

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