Blue and Brown fibers not sourced
From Mark Beckner's deposition in the Wolf lawsuit.    

18 MR. WOOD: Have the blue
19 fibers found at the crime scene ever been sourced.
20 A There are a lot of reports around on fiber
21 evidence. To the best of my recollection, no.
22 Q (BY MR. WOOD) Were there any other color
23 fibers found at the crime scene that had not been
24 sourced?
25 A That have not been sourced?

1 Q Yes.
2 A Yes.
3 Q What colors?
4 A Brown.
5 Q So blue, brown, anything else?
6 A Not off the top of my head, no.
From Paula Woodward's book

"lab technicians had identified eight different types of fibers on the sticky side of the duct tape used to cover JonBenet's mouth. They included red acrylic, gray acrylic, and red polyester fibers that were subsequently determined by laboratory examination to be microscopically and chemically consistent to each other, as well as to fibers taken from Patsy Ramsey's Essentials (brand) jacket. Further, fibers from this jacket were also matched to trace fibers collected from the wrist ligature, neck ligature, and vacuumed evidence from the paint tray and Wine Cellar floor."

Why didn't she include a full list of the fibers found? I hate that she left out so much (or maybe I just missed it - - if so, Summer will let us know.)
From Steve Thomas depo in Wolf

Q. How about brown cotton fibers that were found on the duct tape, the cord and her body that
were consistent but no source found? Is that accurate?
A. That were consistent with what?
Q. They were consistent with each other, those fibers, the brown cotton fibers that were consistent
with fibers found on duct tape, cords and her body?
A. That's beyond the scope of what I know and just to educate you, if you allow me.
Q. Sure.
A. Anything hair and fiber related, Trujillo knows.
Q. I think we've already talked about it was a large number of fibers that were never sourced, right,
while you were there?
A. In the house, yes.
From John v CBS lawsuit

174. Brown cotton fibers found on JonBenét’s body, the garrote handle, the duct tape,
and the wrist ligatures were not sourced to and do not match anything in the Ramsey home.

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