Newsweek describes interview day
"Newsweek, May 12, 1997, "We Did Not Kill Her"
(by Sherri Keene-Osborn, with Daniel Glick and Mark Miller)

"It looked like any other cheerless government office; drab walls, lightless windows, hard, utilitarian furniture. But the room in Boulder, Colo.'s Criminal justice Center where John and Patsy Ramsey sat for police questioning was uncomfortable by design. Since the day after Christmas, when their 6-year-old daughter, JonBenet- a child beauty queen-was found strangled and beaten in the basement of the family's elegant Tudor house, the Ramsey had refused a formal interview with police. So when the couple's lawyers sent word that the family was finally ready to talk, the cops didn't leave anything to chance.

NEWSWEEK has learned that special agents from the FBI's Child Abducton and Serial Killer Unit spent hours transforming the district attorney's relaxed conference area into a stern interrogation chamber; the Feds decided that putting the wealthy Ramseys in an alien environment was the authorities' best chance to extract honest answers. Agents too everything off the walls and replaced an oval conference table with a square one. Patsy sat with police for 6 hours; John, for 2 hours."


My comment: With this information in magazines like Newsweek just a few months after the murder, is it any wonder the Ramseys thought of the FBI as being tight and in cahoots with the BPD? Basically BORG Bullies? I remembered this when I posted about the Ramseys refusing to take an FBI polygraph. I believe a polygrapher really CAN tip the scales if he is biased - - and there is plenty of reason to think the FBI was in this case. More can be found at

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