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Bypodmomon January 20, 2015
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As a psychologist, I found this book to be very unprofessional. Although I do believe the parents caused her death and Patsy wrote the ransom note, I do not believe that Dr. Hodges' methods are independently validated or peer-reviewed. It also worries me that he keeps touting his amazing breakthrough that will revolutionize criminal science - this sounds grandiose and is an odd statement from a mental health prnot mine but excellent reviewofessional. The book contains no footnotes or index so it is difficult to evaluate many of the "facts" presented. While handwriting analysis and statement analysis are accepted methods within the field, Dr. Hodges seems to find excessive meaning in every word and letter which I am afraid is not always real. For instance, when Patsy mentions in a Christmas letter that Burke is in 3rd grade, Dr. Hodges finds that she is referring to a sexual threesome, which seems like a stretch to me. On the other hand, Dr. Hodges seems not to notice some very obvious things - he mentions that the name JonBenet must have created a "special bond" between father and daughter, but never mentions that giving your daughter a feminized version of your own name denies her a separate identity and bespeaks of ownership. In researching Dr. Hodges on the web, I discovered that he has written books and articles "analyzing" President Obama, finding that he "confessed" that he stole the 2012 election, is not legally or mentally fit to be President, and wants to become a "dictator." When a mental health professional presents such an open agenda, I would be very very suspicious of all of his "scholarly" work.
He reportedly sent a 70 page report to the BPD proving Patsy wrote the Ransom note.

I have never met single person who didn't think his "work" a joke.

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