Body wiped down?
Some people say JonBenét may have been wiped down, I personally don't think she was at all.  I think that "wiping" was inadvertent contact with the killer's sleeve.

I don't see in the autopsy that there is any mention of her being wiped down and am trying to remember where that came from.  I see it in the Bonita papers but we all know better than to take that as a reliable source as those papers were the beginnings of a BORG book being written after the author listened to several people making BORG presentations.

The coroner COULD have said it was a possibility.  I don't think he ever stated that as fact.

So I guess that is really a subject yet to be pinned down.  What were those fibers and was she actually wiped down or could that have been inadvertent contact with the killer's sleeve?  (No blue cloth was found near the body.)
2/5/1997 news story

Sources said the girl's killer wiped her body with a cloth or paper towel, possibly to "clean up" bodily fluids. "Generally speaking, a person is so calloused, by the very nature of having assaulted a child, they really don't think that far ahead," said former FBI criminal profiler Robert Ressler. "(Wiping the body) would certainly indicate a person who was overly concerned with having themselves identified through forensic evidence."

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