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Personal Attack
A time of grief
On December 29, four days after the murder, a memorial service for JonBenet was held at a local church. As
Ramseys mourned their daughter, the police and the media turned their attention to the behavior of Patsy and
John. One story, printed by
Vanity Fair
magazine, suggested that John Ramsey had left the house before the
police had arrived. Ann Bardach, th
e journalist who wrote the story, described how John Ramsey had used the
excuse of going out to get the mail. The story was false and was traced back to another leaked police report.
Curiously, even after the story was proved to be untrue, the police did n
ot make any attempts to correct the
situation. Perhaps they were hoping that such stories would place additional pressure on the Ramseys.
Next to come under attack was the level of the family's grief.
Vanity Fair
quoted a policeman saying that on the
morning, Patsy Ramsey, while weeping, had been "peering at him through splayed fingers." Friends and
family members who were present at the time tell a far different story, describing how John and Patsy were so
overcome with grief that they were unable to
talk without crying. Their opinion was quickly dismissed as being
By Monday, December 30, the Ramseys had returned to Atlanta to bury JonBenet. Again, another story was
released concerning how they got there. According to the article written by
Charlie Brennan, John Ramsey flew
his family to Atlanta in his private jet. The story, which had attempted to portray John as an unfeeling elitist, was
also false. The jet actually belonged to Lockheed
Martin, the company that had previously purchased Acce
Graphics, John Ramsey's company. He did not pilot it. The company, hearing of their loss, had offered the
services of one of their jets.
JonBenet's funeral took place on New Year's Eve, 1996, at her parents' family church in Atlanta. That day, the
y had to shield the Ramseys from the growing hostility that the media coverage had created. Even as they
buried their daughter, a new story emerged that revealed that John and Patsy had hired several criminal lawyers.
Although Mike Bynum hired the attorney
s, it was seen as another indication of the parents' guilt. Alarmed by the
mounting criticism, Bynum and members of the family urged the Ramseys to go on television and defend
themselves. The following day they appeared on CNN.
Someone Outside the House
The evidence observed by police at the scene strongly suggests that the attack came from someone outside the
house; for instance:

A footprint made by a Hi
Tec stamped hiking boot was found in the concrete dust of the wine cellar.
The boot has not been connected to any of the Ramseys or to the 400 people or more who have been
to the Ramsey house.

An unidentified p
alm print was found on the door of the wine cellar. It does not belong to John, Patsy or
Burke Ramsey.

A pubic hair was found on the blanket in which JonBenet was wrapped. It does not belong to John,
Patsy or Burke Ramsey.

A piece of broken glass was found
under a basement window. The window was open and the sill
showed signs of disturbance.

There was a scuff
mark on the basement wall below the window. Someone had to have climbed in or
out of this window (however, no footprints were found outside the window

The duct tape and the cord used in the murder were not found in the Ramsey house. The offender
must have brought them in and taken them out when he/she left the house after the murder.
The list of possible suspects in this case is enormous. Not only did
the Ramseys have hundreds of guests through
their home at various times, they also had a large number of trades people that worked on an extensive
remodeling project on the house. One theory suggested that because the Ramseys had given out a number of
se keys to friends, one of them may be responsible. If that is true, why then would the killer bother to enter via
a basement window? (Assuming that is where the entry was made)
One possibility is that the killer wanted to give that impression.
A basic met
hod of homicide investigations is to draw up a list of possible suspects and concentrate on eliminating
them, either by comparison with physical evidence or by checking their whereabouts at the time of the offense.
Using this method, the investigative body
does not become side
tracked by suspects who "seem" suitable at the
time. By using this process of elimination, the list of suspects is narrowed considerably. The only drawback with
this method is that in a case like that of JonBenet Ramsey, the large num
ber of suspects would take a great deal
of time to examine in the necessary detail, even with a large task force.
Another possibility would be a person with a history of child sex offenses who may have frequented the pageant
circuit to select future victim
s. Given the Ramsey's penchant for entertaining, it would not be difficult for a
prospective perpetrator to insinuate himself into the Ramsey's social circle to gain the necessary information
required to commit the offense. Presumably, the police have cros
s checked offenders of this type with anyone
who knew the family or had access to the house.
Another side theory is that the killer may have been involved in a child pornography ring that operated in or
around Boulder, and had earmarked JonBenet as a likel
y subject. The connection of child pornography with child
sex murders isn't new. In 1997, 18
old Jeremy Strohmeyer stalked a seven
old girl in a Las Vegas
casino before raping and murdering her in a restroom. Strohmeyer was a self
confessed devot
ee of child
pornography on the Internet. If the pornography connection is true, then the murder may have been committed by
more than one person as part of a conspiracy to possibly kidnap JonBenet

a plan that was later abandoned
when the victim died befor
e she could be removed from the house.
Fighting Back

the Police
The police department and the district attorney's office also came unde
r fire from attorney Lee Hill, who took the
deposition. "These were sworn statements under oath by an important figure in the investigation," Hill said.
"Boulder's spent over $2 million on this investigation and all they had to do for this information was
pick up a
transcript, and they didn't until now. It's very troubling to me."
Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner and a representative of the district attorney's office acknowledged that they
were not informed of the deposition until
The Daily Camera
began a
sking questions. Beckner denied that there
was anything significant in the deposition in regards to the criminal investigation, and added that John and Patsy
Ramsey had undergone 40 hours of interrogation by members of the investigative team.
Although the
Ramseys had been previously accused of hiding behind their attorneys, Ramsey says that it was an
attorney who approached him, just two days after JonBenet's death, with an offer of legal help.
On the 27th of February, the four
hour television movie,
t Murder, Perfect Town
, based on the Lawrence
Schiller book of the same name, went to air on national television. One man who watched the program with more
than a passing interest was former Boulder police commander John Eller. Eller was detective division
when Boulder police went to John and Patsy Ramsey's home the morning that they reported the kidnapping and
discovered the ransom note.
Eller, one of four Boulder police officers whose careers were damaged over the Ramsey case, left Boulder in
98 to take up a position in the Attorney General's Office in Florida. To this day, he still harbors strong feelings
about the case that led to his retirement from the Boulder Police Department after an 18
year career.
Following the release of the film, Ell
er gave an interview to
The Rocky Mountain News,
during which he shared
some of his observations about the case.
His main assertion was that, in his view, Boulder police had enough evidence to support an arrest, but not enough
to file a murder charge and w
in a case at trial.
Although falling short of naming the person(s) he suspected, he told reporter Kevin McCullen: "At the time I left
the investigation, no, there wasn't. We felt we had probable cause to make an arrest, but there wasn't enough
there to nai
l a homicide charge."
He further claimed that he could have remained with the investigation if he'd "kept my mouth shut," and followed
every request of prosecutors in the Boulder District Attorney's Office, but he instead clashed with prosecutors
t much of his command of the investigation into the death of JonBenet.
The media coverage of the case also came under attack, with Eller labeling the coverage as "inaccurate" and
blaming the books and movies that followed for "contaminating a potential jur
y pool."
Still Under Suspicion
Late in March of 2000 , Governor Bill Owens appeared on ABC's
Morning America
and announced that
there was new evidence in the Ramsey case but refused to divulge any details, saying he was bound by the rules
of evidence to keep the information secret.
"There was substantial new evidence in October, and there's even
some new evidence in the last couple of
weeks. I've had the opportunity to look at virtually all the evidence in the case," he said. A somewhat confused
Police Chief Mark Beckner later said he believed that the governor was referring to the ongoing laborat
ory tests of
evidence being conducted by the FBI, but stressed that evidence could not be considered as being a
breakthrough. "This case will not come together on one piece of evidence," Beckner told reporters, "It will be a
totality of all the evidence to
Owens also told ABC's Barbara Walters that there was "very good reason" that John and Patsy Ramsey are
under suspicion, and called her prior interview with the couple on the
program "easy journalism." Owens
criticized Walters for being too s
oft on the issue, a move that would later win him renewed support across the
nation and arouse additional suspicion against the Ramseys.
Walters then showed him a portion of the interview during which John Ramsey makes a statement directed at
Owens saying,
"You've spent three years investigating my family. What are you going to do to find the killer of my
Owens was then asked whether , in his personal belief, John or Patsy Ramsey, or both, were responsible for the
death of their child.
Owens, aft
er agreeing that the question was a fair one, refused to answer it directly.
Three days after Owens' television appearance, Police Chief Mark Beckner announced that his department would
probably accept the Ramseys' offer to take a lie
detector test in rega
rds to JonBenet's murder.
Beckner said he had originally viewed the Ramseys' offer with skepticism, but admitted that after discussions with
prosecutor Michael Kane and DA Alex Hunter, it could be a good idea. However, at the end of March, Hunter
on CNN's
Larry King Live
and told King that he didn't want John or Patsy Ramsey to take a polygraph
"The problem is reliability," he said, stating that various factors, including medications, could affect heart rate,
blood pressure and perspiration,
creating a false reading. Hunter also disputed claims by the Ramseys that they'd
never been asked to take a polygraph. "They were asked, both of them, if they wanted to take a polygraph," he
said. "There may be some confusion about semantics, but the human
eye would lead you to believe they were
While Hunter was forthcoming on most issues, there were some that he refused to comment on such as:

Whether a grand jury that investigated the case wanted to issue an indictment.

What were the results of the
DNA examination of JonBenet's fingernails and her underwear.

Whether there was any evidence indicating JonBenet had been sexually molested.
He would only say that work was continuing on the case, work which included new analysis techniques being
to the ransom note, and indicated that it was the most important piece of evidence they had.
The Media Circus
In June 2000, in what can only be described as the main event of what had become a media circus,
the Ramseys
challenged Steve Thomas to face them on national television and make his accusations in person. Thomas
agreed and appeared alongside the Ramseys on CNN's
Larry King Live
It was the first time they had been face
face since Thomas, then a Bou
lder police officer, questioned them
about their daughter's death. The meeting quickly disintegrated into a verbal shouting match, with Thomas
exchanging accusations with the Ramseys as King struggled to maintain control. Finally, Thomas challenged the
seys on their offer to meet with Boulder investigators.
John Ramsey said they would be willing to go along with their investigators to share their findings and also ask
their questions and asked, "Why do we have to prove our innocence?"
Thomas answered tha
t evidence existed that pointed to them.
"Tell me one piece of evidence that's admissible in the court of law?" John Ramsey asked.
Thomas countered by telling Patsy Ramsey that there was enough evidence to arrest her for murder.
Patsy replied, "I wish I
had," explaining that if she had been arrested, then she could have been exonerated in a
Several days after the show, Lin Wood announced that John and Patsy Ramsey had agreed to meet with Boulder
police only if detectives were willing to take a new
approach to the probe of their daughter's slaying and not
interrogate them. "If they are looking to interrogate John and Patsy, that will not happen. Those days are over,"
Wood said. "John and Patsy are ready and willing to meet with Boulder police if the
y are truly interested in a new clear the air and exchange information in the investigation of their daughter's murder."
To this day, John and Patsy Ramsey have lived up to their promise and continue to search
for their daughter's killer. The
y have posted a composite sketch of a suspect compiled by
the late psychic, Dorothy Allison, on their Internet site, with the attached message:
"Have you seen this man? This man may have been in the Boulder area in December
1996. ... We firmly believe that
this most horrible of killers will be caught based on
information provided by people who care about right and wrong. ... Please help, so
another innocent child will not be a victim and another family will not suffer unbearable
Allison, who claimed
to have assisted police investigations, came up with her vision of the
suspect during an April 1998 appearance on a network television show. She died on
December 3, 1999. Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner declined to comment on the late
psychic's work.
public opinion poll then conducted by a local newspaper suggested that only one in eight Colorado residents
believed that the results of recent polygraph tests showed that John and Patsy were not involved in the December
1996 death of JonBenet.
In answer
to the results of that poll, Ramsey attorney Lin Wood commented
that the poll accurately reflects the "anti
Ramsey" campaign that has been
waged by the media since the day that JonBenet died.
But through it all, one important fact has been pushed further a
nd further into
the background: an innocent little girl was killed in a brutal manner and her
killer is still at large.
John Mark Karr
It appears as though the confirmation of John Mark Karr as a reasonable suspect in the murder of JonBenet
Ramsey is still up in the air. While DNA samples were supposedly taken from him while he was in custody in
Thailand, the results are n
ot yet available.
It now appears that the arrest is currently based solely on Karr's alleged confession via emails to Michael Tracey
and a recent press conference in Thailand, in which he told the media that he was with JonBenet when she died
and that it w
as an accidental death.
Michael Tracey, a journalism professor at the University of Colorado, who made several documentaries on the
case and who allegedly is publishing a book on the case, has been the primary contact with Karr via email.
Several weeks ag
o, Tracey became very concerned about the content of Karr's messages and brought them to
the attention of Boulder law enforcement.
Already, John Mark Karr has made some unusual statements that conflict with the
autopsy of JonBenet. Karr told the media that
he had drugged JonBenet Ramsey,
although there was no evidence in the autopsy that corroborates any use of drugs.
Then he told the media that he had picked JonBenet up from school, although school
was not in session, as it was during Christmas vacation th
at she was murdered.
When asked how he got into the Ramsey house, Karr refused comment.
Though Karr's name is on record with the Colorado's Department of Education, there is no record that that man
ever sought a teaching license in the state. The only reco
rd of a Karr in the department's database is a file that
was started in 2001, after Karr, then a substitute teacher in California, was charged with possession of child
pornography. Karr fled the country to avoid the charges, and information about the alleg
ations was forwarded by a
national database to school officials in all 50 states, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Education
told Crime Library. Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy told the media that when John Karr was arrested in
Bangkok, he
had been teaching in several schools in that city.
Lacy said that several months were spent identifying and locating John Karr from his emails, but that much more
investigation must be done. She said that she would have preferred that the investigation cou
ld have been
conducted without media scrutiny, but that was not possible. Karr's arrest was made before the investigation,
including the results of DNA tests, could be completed. The concern was that the suspect would flee as he did in
California when conv
icted of possessing child pornography.
Lacy took very few questions at the press conference and those that she took were not really answered except
with "I'm sorry, I can't answer that question." It was hard to say why Lacy even scheduled a press conferenc
since so little information was divulged.
The doubts that have been raised already about this particular suspect deepened after the press conference. It
looks again like the Boulder law enforcement community is setting itself up for embarrassment in thi
s high
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